Manufacturing Software designed specifically for small to medium-sized manufacturing firms.

When "good enough" isn't good enough, you need better. Get started with Basic Manufacturing and experience how MISys Manufacturing software delivers on its promise to turn your accounting software into an Industrial-Strength Manufacturing System.

MISys Manufacturing software provides the following features:

  • Extensive tracking of manufacturing inventory and work in process (WIP). Like other inventory systems, MISys can tell you what you have in stock and where its located. But for our customers that's simply not enough. Our customers enjoy a typical savings of 25-50% in inventory carrying costs because MISys has the ability to:
    • Forecast inventory based on history, lead times, vendor performance.
    • Maintain accurate minimum order levels for "just in case" scenarios.
    • Let the system order only what you need, when you need it.
  • Multi-level bills of material with full explosion down to 16 levels deep.
  • Net-change physical inventory with cycle counting.
  • Batch-oriented or direct entry of all stock transfer transactions.
  • Full back-flushing of all assembly transactions.
  • Choice of standard, average, LIFO, or FIFO costing methods.
  • Cost adjustment with roll-up through all BOM levels.
  • Work orders to document and track production activity.
  • Extensive reporting using industry-standard report generator (Crystal Reports).
  • Record detailed stock status for all inventoried items.
  • Track inventory in multiple locations.
  • Maintain inventory levels with minimum, maximum, and reorder points.
  • Instantly display transaction history, where-used (BOM implosion), and outstanding order status.
  • Can optionally allow or prevent negative inventory levels
  • Associate a unique set of general ledger accounts with a specific item, job, or location
  • ... and much much more!

Top 10 MISys Manufacturing Software Features

TOP 10 Most Popular Features in MISys Manufacturing

See the most used and most in-demand features of MISys Manufacturing. Enjoy powerful manufacturing capabilities when integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50 US, Sage 50 Canadian, Sage 300 or Sage Intacct.

Keep the accounting software you know and like, add the manufacturing software you need.

Use your accounting software to manage the "front of the house", everything that is customer-facing: customer records, sales orders, sales inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, etc. Use MISys Manufacturing software to manage the "back of the house," everything related to manufacturing: bills of material, raw material inventory, production scheduling, purchasing, etc. MISys maintains a subledger of all of the manufacturing costs and syncs with the accounting subledger. The transactions are fully auditable and are done automatically - no double data entry is required. MISys Manufacturing integrates seamlessly with the most popular accounting software - QuickBooks Online or Desktop, Sage 50 US, Sage 50 CA, Sage 300 and Sage Intacct.

MISys Manufacturing Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Online

MISys Manufacturing Integrates with Sage 50 US

MISys Manufacturing Integrates with Sage 50 Canada

MISys Manufacturing Integrates with Sage 300

MISys Manufacturing Integrates with Sage Intacct

MISys Manufacturing software is a modular system. Add functionality when you need it:

  • Advanced Purchasing - Analyze material shortages and automatically create all of the purchase orders needed to replenish inventory.
  • Advanced Production - Predict the cost of every job and track performance as manufacturing orders for standard assemblies or special one-off items move through the shop.
  • Material Requirements Planning - Determine purchasing and production needs by analyzing current inventory, open orders and sales orders to spot impending shortages and respond by creating purchase and production orders.
  • Shop Floor Control - Accurately predict production costs based on estimated material, labor, and overhead, and then analyze the actual production costs.
  • Serial/Lot Tracking - Track serial or lot numbers throughout the entire purchasing and production process to comply with strict regulatory agency requirements, including FDA and FAA.
  • Bin Tracking - Maintain a unique inventory sub-location for every item or assembly as raw materials, sub-assemblies, or finished goods in specific containers.
  • Labor Tracking - Track the elapsed time production workers spend on selected Jobs and Manufacturing Orders and automatically post to the Manufacturing Order.
  • Bar Coding - Print and collect bar coded data to seamlessly integrate with inventory control functions.
  • Mobile Alerts - Send critical alerts to smart phones or any mobile device capable of receiving wireless email messages.
  • MISys Manufacturing EXT - Process real-time MISys transactions using a mobile web-based interface. Works on any tablet, smartphone or web-enabled device.

Built-in Power and Scalability

For maximum performance and scalability, MISys Manufacturing is built on the Microsoft SQL database engine, a 5-user version of which is included in the purchase price. For larger firms, MISys Manufacturing supports hundreds of concurrent users on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and other ANSI-compliant SQL databases.

Flexible Deployment Options

MISys Manufacturing can be installed as an on premise solution on a desktop PC or shared across a network. Alternatively, you can deploy MISys Manufacturing in the cloud by locating your server off site or using a third party provider to host both the clients and server at a secure facility that gives you anytime, anywhere access.