What's New v6.4

New Features

Service Pack v6.4.2.0 Features

- Sage Intacct Integration
- 13 Wishlist Enhancements
- 40+ Bug Fixes

For the complete list of changes and enhancements login to the Resource Center and visit Revision History

MISys Now Features Easier Conversions

MISys Manufacturing can now convert all versions as early as v4.2 to the current version. This is now an automated process as part of the install as well as the Convert/Migrate/Restore functions from MISys Server Administration.

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SQL Server/Express Update Alert

SQL Server/Express 2005 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Sites that originally purchased MISys Manufacturing before June 2013 (before v6.1) may need to upgrade their instance of SQL/SQL Express to a newer version. For instructions on how to do this, please review How to: Upgrading Earlier Versions of SQL Express to SQL Express 2014.


MISys Manufacturing EXT Logo

Use MISys Manufacturing EXT on any PC, tablet, smartphone or web-enabled device to process real-time MISys transactions using a web-based interface.

MISys EXT Functionality

  • Log In/Out as a standard MISys Manufacturing company database User.
  • Process any Stock Transfers, including Item Transfers, Assembly Transfers, Supplier Transfers, Component Transfers and Dispensing Tools.
  • Process PO Receipts or Returns.
  • Work Order processing, including Reserving, Allocating and Completing any Released Work Order.
  • Manufacturing Order processing, including Starting, Starting/Scrapping individual components, and Completing any Released Manufacturing Order.
  • Full Shop Operations processing, including Starting and Completing Operations, processing Time and Direct Labor transactions, and processing Scraps.
  • Unique to MISys EXT, you can manage multiple active Operation Timers as part of Shop Operations processing.
  • Create new Physical Inventory batches or to add new Detail lines to Physical Inventory batches.
  • Print new Barcode labels.
  • Any field may be populated by using the provided Finder, by scanning a barcode or by entering a quantity.
  • Full integration with the Shop Floor Control, Serial/Lot Tracking and Bin Tracking modules.
  • Transfer quantities of Items to Sales, or vice versa, as well as Sales Transfers as part of Work Order or Manufacturing order processing. Currently available for QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct and Sage 300 ERP. 


  • MISys EXT utilizes Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to connect to the server on which MISys Manufacturing is installed.
  • MISys EXT requires licenses for both MISys EXT and the MISys API. 
  • Each login session on MISys EXT consumes a MISys User License.
  • Print labels using mobile and stationary Zebra Link-OS printers.
  • Compatible with bluetooth scanning devices to populate fields in MISys EXT.


We are pleased to announce the release of our second Service Pack for v6.4. Whereas Service Pack 1 introduced a new Accounting Integration (QuickBooks Online), this service pack is more about existing customers. It includes 13 Wish List items and over 40 updates/fixes suggested by our existing users. This release continues our renewed focus on our MISys Manufacturing product and you can expect even more updates over the coming months.

In our next release look for a new MISys Mobile Application which will allow functionality similar to our existing Worth Bar Coding programs on mobile devices.

For questions or purchase information, please contact MISys Customer Service.

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New Features

  • Reestablished Sage Intacct Support
    Starting in January 2019, we will be reestablishing our support of Sage Intacct. As part of this, some minor refresh work was done to support Multi-Entity companies. Sage Intacct will now be actively supported moving forward.
  • You can now edit Advanced Filters after applying them
    You will no longer need to totally reconfigure Advanced Filters you’ve applied. If you need to make a simple tweak, you can just edit what it currently defined.
  • The grids now honor the filtered data when displaying the record count (Showing x of y records)
    Previously the totals were always for the total record count. This change allows you to see the effect of the filter that you’ve applied (and remember, Advanced Filters can be edited!)
  • You can now multi-select Work Order details and create multiple MOs at once
    You will no longer need to do one MO at a time for individual WO details. Multi-select will allow this to take much less time.
  • Added Location Number Change
    Like Item/Supplier Number Change, we’ve added the ability to change your Location Numbers (found in Housekeeping)
  • Added “Prompt for Blank Bins” option
    If not specifying a Bin is likely a mistake, this prompt can warn you if you do so. Any time a Bin is not specified, you’ll be prompted so that you can make a correction. This option is found in Company Options.
  • Added date ranges to the Purge SLT History
    We’ve had requests for more control over the dates that can be purged, so instead of just a “Prior To” you can now specify a proper “From” and “To” date.
  • Added the ability to use “Preferred Location” as the default Location for PO details
    Users have asked for the ability to extend an Item’s Preferred Production Location to purchasing. This would allow PO details to default to this Location instead of the PO header Location. This is configurable by user to either maintain the previous default or to use the Item’s Preferred Production Location (this setting is found in Administration > Users)
  • “Create Child MO” now honors the Source Location of the MO detail
    All MO details that reference a Source Location that is different than the Production Location of the MO header will now pass that information down to any MO created as a Child using this feature.
  • Enhanced the “Drawn below zero” prompt for companies that don’t allow negative stock
    This message is now much more informative on what the transaction was, what the offending items are and how much would be drawn negative.
  • Assign SL Numbers form enhanced to keep you on the same page of the assignments while doing bulk assignments
    For companies where there are a lot of transactions to assign, when you were dealing with later assignments (that were on a different page), the active page would shift back to page 1. Now it will keep you on the previous page you had selected to save time.
  • Enhanced Bar Code reports to allow for more formatting characters to be displayed in bar code format.
    While we always recommend “format characters” be part of your Item Number format scheme (and not all format characters work well with the Worth scanner), there were some companies that had requested we open this up a bit.
  • Shifted initial focus (of the cursor) when clicking on the Find button
    While this is a minor change, it’s one that a good number of you have asked for! When clicking on the Find button, the cursor will immediately shift to the “Look for:” field.
  • Dynamic Custom Field label length
    Custom field label lengths will now grow to fit the label instead of stacking

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For the complete list of changes and enhancements login to the Resource Center and visit Revision History
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