What's New v6.4

New Features

Service Pack v6.4.3.0

- 11 Wishlist Enhancements
- 27+ Bug Fixes

For the complete list of changes and enhancements login to the Resource Center and visit Revision History

MISys Manufacturing EXT v1.0.1.0

- Added support for Sales Transfers with Sage 50 US.
- Added Bin Stock Quantity field to the Bin No. Finder.
- Added Stocking and Purchasing UoM fields on Receive from PO transfer form.
- Display PO Detail Ordered quantity on the Receive/Return PO form.
- Added an over-receive warning prompt to the Receive/Return PO form.

For the complete list of changes and enhancements login to the Resource Center and visit MISys EXT Revision History

MISys Now Features Easier Conversions

MISys Manufacturing can now convert all versions as early as v4.2 to the current version. This is now an automated process as part of the install as well as the Convert/Migrate/Restore functions from MISys Server Administration.

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SQL Server/Express Update Alert

SQL Server/Express 2005 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Sites that originally purchased MISys Manufacturing before June 2013 (before v6.1) may need to upgrade their instance of SQL/SQL Express to a newer version. For instructions on how to do this, please review How to: Upgrading Earlier Versions of SQL Express to SQL Express 2014.

February 2020 - SERVICE PACK v6.4.4.0 NOW AVAILABLE

We are pleased to announce the release of our fourth Service Pack for v6.4. It includes many Wish List items and over 20 updates/fixes suggested by our existing users. More to come!

For questions or purchase information, please contact MISys Customer Service.

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New Features


  • There are certain areas within MISys where we forbid the use of Inactive records. But more often it is just a warning stating that it is Inactive. This release allows for an optional, stricter definition of “Inactive”.

  • By enabling the various options on the Administration > Company Options > Inactive tab, you can have MISys filter out Inactive Items from all the main grids/finders:
    - This will make your Item listings much cleaner and if you want, you can keep it as a toggle, so you can quickly include your Inactive Items if you so desire.
    - Restrict (forbid) the use of Inactive Items on Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders as well as Bills of Materials (which allows for restriction on Work Orders).

  • All of this is disabled by default, as new rules are in place to allow an Item to be marked as Inactive. If you run a Data Integrity Check, it will give you all of the reasons why an Item that is currently marked as Inactive shouldn’t be.
    - There is also an option to Skip Inactive Items for when you have lots of items that violate the new rules.

  • While this Inactive enforcement is currently limited to Items, we look to extend this to other areas moving forward. Please let us know what you think and in what other areas you’d like to see this functionality extended!


  • For users taking advantage of MISys EXT (and why wouldn’t you!), you can now add Visualizations to your existing MISys Manufacturing Dashboard Alerts to both MISys EXT as well as MISys Manufacturing (by leveraging MISys EXT).
  • Right now, you can select a doughnut, pie or bar chart as a graphical representation of your existing alerts and you will still be able to perform the actions you are accustomed to! Please refer to the help, as it covers this in much greater detail
  • This is just the start of the “visualization” process and we need your feedback. What do you like? What would you change? What would you add? We welcome all feedback as we look to enhance this further moving forward!


  • We’ve had a “Transaction” API for years. However, it didn’t allow for the non-transactional exposure that some of our partners require. Like the two additions above, we are taking a segmented approach to releasing our API Extensions.
  • Round 1 is orders: Purchase Orders, Work Orders and Manufacturing Orders. This will allow for standard functionality in the creation/modification/processing of the orders all while obeying our business logic.
  • Again, this is the start of the process and we need your feedback on what other areas you’d like exposed through the API as we move forward with extending it to other areas. Don’t be shy!


  • MISys Manufacturing can now be configured to automatically log out inactive users.
  • Administrators can now configure individual users to have their own time out setting.
  • Activity is determined by database activity. By default, all users will be set to 0 which will never log them out (so you will not be surprised by a bunch of users timing out).


  • MISys Scheduling can read both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Sales Receipts as a demand.


  • The Worth Terminal Manager is now available as a system tray application. This allows for smoother operation of this background application.


  • Historically, any database schema changes necessitated a new install to be able to perform the actual changes.
  • We’ve enhanced our updater to allow service packs to have the ability to modify our existing database schema. This allows us to make more significant changes to the application without requiring an installation of the newer version of MISys.
  • As a result of this, don’t be surprised when you are applying the update to your MISys Server. We will now prompt to perform the conversion (don’t worry, we make a backup).

But wait! There's more!

For the complete list of changes and enhancements login to the Resource Center and visit Revision History

HOW TO: Update to v6.4.4.0

MISys Server

  1. Have all Users exit MISys.
  2. From your server machine, launch the MISys Manufacturing 6.4 Server Administration program (using Right Click | Run as Administrator) and then login to the Server Admin.
  3. Click the System tab and click the 'Get Program Updates' button on the bottom of the form.
  4. Follow the prompts to download and apply the Service pack on the Server. New to v6.4.4.0 is the ability for MISys Manufacturing to convert your database (required to run v6.4.4.0). You will be prompted to convert each of your older databases. A backup will be created and MISys will convert to the latest version.

MISys Clients

Once you've successfully applied the Service Pack on the Server, have your Users log back into MISys and the update will be prompted to be applied to their MISys programs.  

Note: If any Client machines have trouble applying the update, have them launch the MISys Manufacturing Client programs by right-clicking the icon and selecting Run as Administrator instead of double clicking it. Please contact MISys Technical Support with any questions/problems.

For assistance, contact MISys Customer Service.

(802) 457-4600
9am - 5pm Eastern Time
(weekends and holidays excepted)