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Manufacturing Information Systems Inc. is the developer of MISys Manufacturing software.

MISys Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing software industry for more than 25 years. The comprehensive MISys Manufacturing software integrates with the most widely used accounting programs to form best-of-breed solutions for small to medium-sized manufacturers. While the majority of the 8,000 software installations are in North America, MISys has customers throughout Africa, Australia and the Far East, a total of 52 countries. Software development, technical support, customer service and sales and marketing activities are all based in Woodstock, Vermont.

MISys maintains a close developer relationship with Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks) and Sage Software (the maker of Sage 50 US (formerly Peachtree), Sage 50 Canadian (formerly Simply Accounting) and Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac).

Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc.
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Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. (dba MISys, Inc.) was formed in 1977 with the charter to provide PC-based solutions to users who were not technically involved with their computers.

In the course of many successful installations, the company developed a nation-wide reputation for its in-depth knowledge of business accounting applications, particularly in the area of manufacturing.

The newfound expertise in PC-based accounting systems, led MISys to develop a manufacturing software product as an add-on to the Accpac Plus accounting series from ACCPAC International (AI), a division of Computer Associates International (CA). At the time, CA's accounting products, Accpac Plus for DOS and Accpac Advantage for Windows, were the best selling accounting packages worldwide.

In 1983, MISys released its first version of MISys/DOS Manufacturing Inventory which provided multi-level bills of material, inventory control of raw materials and resources, and integrated purchasing capabilities.

In 1985, MISys moved its corporate offices away from the Massachusetts minicomputer beltway to the Green Mountains of Vermont where it performs all of its software development, technical writing, production, training, sales, and support.

Since that time, MISys Manufacturing has continually refined its Manufacturing System and its strategic relationship with Accpac International. In 1996 MISys Manufacturing was selected as ACCPAC Developer Of The Year for its products which make Accpac Advantage accounting the preferred solution for small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms.

In 1992, MISys Manufacturing introduced a major new product called MISys/DOS Manufacturing Scheduling which added full MRP/MPS capabilities to MISys/DOS Manufacturing Inventory. Using an innovative interactive approach to Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Master Production Scheduling (MPS), MISys Manufacturing sofware provided small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms with tools that were previously available only in complex and expensive minicomputer-based products.

In 1995, MISys added Serial/Lot Tracking to the MISys/DOS Manufacturing System. This product allowed users to track the serial or lot numbers of raw materials and finished goods. MISys/DOS Serial/Lot Tracking and the extensive reporting capabilities of the MISys/DOS Manufacturing System allowed manufacturers to comply with many of the requirements of ISO 9000.

Since its release, MISys sold over 6,500 copies of the popular MISys/DOS Manufacturing System. This system was sold and supported through a network of 1,700 resellers and installers in 38 countries. Resellers purchased the products through MISys Inc's 18 distributors worldwide.

In early 1995, MISys started development of the MISys Manufacturing System for Windows based on Accpac for Windows accounting from Accpac International. MISys received the 1996 Developer Of The Year award for this development from Accpac International.

In 1997 MISys released MISys Level 2, revealing it's multi-level approach to marketing MRP software which appeals to less sophisticated end-users with the low-end Level 1 product and offered an attractive upgrade path to Level 2. MISys Level 2 maintained Manufacturing Orders Production and performed Master Production Scheduling and Material Requirements Planning (MRP I).

In 1998, MISys Manufacturing released MISys Level 3, which provided comprehensive Shop Floor Control functionality to those users who demanded MRP II capabilities.

In 2002, the Accpac product line was sold to Sage Software and the MISys product line was promoted successfully to Sage resellers and consultants throughout North America, Australia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.

In the Fall of 2005 the MISys R&D Department began the development of a Microsoft .NET-based manufacturing system based on the proven functionality for the Accpac version (then called MISys SAE). After two years of intensive development and testing, MISys Small Business Manufacturing (MISys SBM aka MISys Manufacturing) was released in March 2007. Since then, a number of product enhancements as well as additional function modules have been released.

MISys Small Business Manufacturing was identified as an "Awesome Add-on" for QuickBooks by the Sleeter Group at Sleeter's annual QuickBooks Partner Conference in October 2007. And again received the Sleeter Award in 2010. In 2012, MISys was awarded two "Partner of the Year" awards from Sage.

From its headquarters in Woodstock, Vermont, MISys Manufacturing continues to develop its product line and its international marketing efforts as part of AI's Accpac Advantage accounting series (now Sage 300 ERP).

In June 2011, MISys entered into an OEM relationship with Sage to supply the manufacturing add-on of choice for Sage Peachtree accounting, Sage Accpac accounting, and Sage Simply accounting.

In 2014, MISys Manufacturing Software received the ‘Awesome Application’ award by The Sleeter Group.

New and accessory products are being developed to compliment the popularity of its Windows-based MISys Manufacturing System. Product brochures, fact sheets, 30+ demo videos, and more are available on the MISys Manufacturing System. Explore MISys Manufacturing.