Where does my information go?

Our privacy policy is simple: Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. (MISys, Inc.) creates and maintains a database of our customers, business partners, and sales prospects. We never share this information with anyone. Not ever!

What will happen to me if I fill out the forms and complete the 6-Step tour?

If you complete the 6-Step tour you will receive automated emails sent from MISys Inc (that's us!). We use MailChimp to send emails. These emails contain information such as attachments or links to MISys resources that you requested.

Who will be emailing you?

Our company name is MISys, Inc. If you have any questions, we are located at 217-4 Maxham Meadow Way Suite 2G in Woodstock, VT, 05091. Our website is misysinc.com and we can be reached by phone at (802) 457-4600.

Once you have my email address, what will you to do with it?

MISys will send you occasional emails that include information that we believe is helpful in your discovery process, or that you might find interesting. If you unsubscribe from those emails, you will no longer receive emails from MISys. We are very sensitive about how we use your personal information and respect your inbox.

Am I going to get any phone calls?

Customer Service at MISys is a professional group that does not make cold calls. We generally do not call website visitors unless they ask us to or demonstrate a very strong interest in the MISys solution.

Also, keep in mind that our phones are always open - well, at least between 9-5 EST Monday thru Friday. If you have questions that cannot be answered on this website or if you are uncomfortable providing your information, please call or send an email. We are here to serve you.


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Customer Service
(802) 457-4600 x816
9am - 5pm Eastern Time
(weekends and holidays excepted)
[email protected]