The Power of MRP: Material Requirements Planning

What to Buy, When to Buy it. What to Build, When to Build it.

If you need to plan your production and purchasing activities weeks, months, even years in advance, you'll want to license the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module. With just a few mouse-clicks, you can create a detailed Master Production Schedule which analyzes your current inventory in the context of open purchase orders, work orders, manufacturing orders, and (optionally) sales orders. Spot impending shortages while there is still time to respond. Click again to create all the required purchase orders and production orders.

MRP has never been easier.

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  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Material Requirements Planning


  • Create a Master Production Schedule (MPS) for net of current stock, purchase orders, production orders, and sales orders.
  • Maintain a work calendar that accounts for full production days of the plant as well as partial or non-production days.
  • Define an MPS for any locations and range of dates.
  • Create a Material Requirements Plan based on any selected MPS.
  • Manually schedule order releases to resolve shortages.
  • Automatically schedule Just In Time (JIT) order releases to resolve shortages.
  • Maintain and apply sales forecasts to future production schedules.
  • Perform simulations to analyze the effect of future production scenarios.
  • Manually or automatically create purchase orders and production orders based on the MRP.
  • Save and re-open multiple production schedules.
  • Share production schedules among workgroup users.
  • Include or ignore current inventory, purchase orders, and production orders in the MPS.
  • Create and maintain batches of scheduling events.
  • Fix production start dates and schedule forward to completion.
  • Fix production completion dates and schedule back to start.
  • Create an Available To Promise projection.
  • Apply a sales forecast to the MPS to simulate planned purchasing and production activity.
  • Retrieve and schedule sales orders as well as sales quotes/estimates from accounting system.
  • Instantly spotlight shortages of raw materials and sub-assemblies.
  • View the MPS for all items, or items meeting specific stocking criteria.
  • Use the drill down function to view items within an MPS, or scheduled activities for an item, etc.
  • Print MRP reports showing activity for all periods, active periods only, or net activity per item.
  • Print detailed Production Advice Reports to show material requirements based on zero, minimum, or reorder points.