Anytime Anywhere Access with MISys on Azure

MISys Manufacturing with Service Pack 7 now enables you to run MISys directly from the Microsoft Azure cloud. Gone are the days of accessing MISys via remote desktop. Simply launch the MISys program and log in from any location!

With this enhanced hosting, the MISys Database and Server Functions are set up on your Azure account, while the MISys client app remains on your PC. This ensures you can access MISys wherever you have your PC and a web connection. What's even better is that with a bit of tech-savviness and our detailed installation manual, you can set up and oversee MISys on Azure all by yourself.

HIGHLIGHTS: Improve Access, Save Money, Easily Scale IT, Strengthen Data Security

Accessible anywhere, anytime

  • From the MISys Client on your PC, log in to MISys and access the server and database on Azure over the internet.

Cost savings

  • Don’t need to purchase and maintain servers on-site.
  • Azure SQL is less expensive than a full version of MS SQL Server.
  • Cost of dedicated VM is more expensive than the Azure combination of Services and Database storage.


  • Easily add computing power and data storage when you need it.
  • Instead of flat per-user fees charged by hosting providers, add computing capacity when performance is impacted by number of users.
  • No need to add machines on site, do it in account settings on MS Azure account.

Data Security

  • Microsoft adds state-of-the-art data security and protection.
  • Automatically get SSL of Azure when using MISys on Azure
  • Microsoft has 42 data centers around the world with another 12 in development
  • Provides disaster backup and recovery for business continuation in the event of a fire, flood, cyber attack or other natural or evil event.

Why Choose Azure?

Azure, coming from Microsoft's stable, is robust, scalable, reliable, and fortified with top-notch security. A testament to its reliability is that over 80% of Fortune 500 companies bank on Azure for their cloud needs.

In terms of global outreach, Azure stands unmatched with a presence in 42 data centers globally - the most by any cloud service. With 12 more centers on the horizon, its expansion is ceaseless.

On the affordability front, Azure hits the sweet spot. Many MISys clients transitioning to the cloud are smaller entities keen on curtailing costs, and Azure's competitive entry-level pricing caters to them aptly. Yet, its scalability ensures that even the most extensive MISys users find value.

Lastly, Azure offers the distinct perk of Azure SQL, a cloud iteration of the reliable Microsoft SQL database familiar to MISys users.

Why Azure SQL? The Next-Gen Cloud Relational Database

Choosing Azure SQL as the cloud database for MISys is a straightforward decision. Not only is it seamlessly compatible with our existing Microsoft SQL database, facilitating a smooth transition, but its advantages extend far beyond that.

Azure SQL offers a more user-friendly setup and management process than the traditional SQL Server. It champions features such as high availability, automated backups, and scalability — essentials for burgeoning enterprises.

Furthermore, Azure SQL aligns perfectly with Microsoft tools many are accustomed to. This means users can effortlessly tap into their MISys data using familiar platforms like Excel, Access, and other database utilities. This level of accessibility is often restricted in many cloud systems, but with MISys anchored in Azure, it's a breeze!

Simply put, MISys on Azure provides a cohesive, adaptable, and protected solution for all your cloud computing demands.

If you would like to learn more about MISys on Azure, please contact us:

Customer Service
(802) 457-4600
[email protected]
9am - 5pm Eastern Time
(weekends and holidays excepted)

MISys on Azure Customer Review

We purchased MISys Manufacturing to capture the true costs of manufacturing and to resolve scheduling conflicts on the production line. The plan was to move Sage 50 CA desktop accounting software and MISys to host on a virtual machine in the cloud which was set up and ready to activate. But then MISys introduced “MISys on Azure” which makes it possible to deploy the MISys Server and Database on Azure.  Intrigued, we pursued this option with the help of a MISys business partner, Noobeh, and with MISys.  What we found was that we could stay with Sage 50 Canada for accounting on a local network, connected to a MISys Client on the same local machine, while deploying the MISys server and database on Azure for greater data security and necessary processing capabilities, all for a fraction of the cost of moving everything to a virtual machine. The MISys tech support team was incredibly responsive to help make this happen. In the end we have the software and technical configuration we need at a fraction of the cost of what I was considering. And it runs great!

- Kris Jones, CanAm Pet Treats