With the release of our fifth Service Pack for v6.4, we have added a dozen new features, created additional dashboard alerts, and added more than 35 enhancements and big fixes that include a structural revision to enhance speed and laid the ground work for introducing new cloud options and features.

New Accounting Integration: QuickBooks Online Canada

  • MISys has extended our QBO integration to support the Canadian region.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added the ability to select the Source Currency for Pos on the PO tab of Master Files > Items.
  • Added Roaming Profiles (the ability to store user configuration settings for multiple users on a single machine, so they are now user-specific and not limited to machine-specific).
    • The above also means that the configuration settings for a user will “roam with them” if they log into a different machine.
  • Send POs now cleans up any .PDF files that are created when sending the mail.
    • Also, you can now define the location where any .PDFs are created for emailed POs (defined in Company Options). They are now temporary, but you can direct where they are stored in the interim.
  • When dealing with import files without all the potential fields, you can now set all of the missing fields to the default with a single button press (no longer requiring you to set each one individually)
  • Added an “over receive” prompt from Supplier Transfers.
  • Added the Build Item’s Description to the Production Schedule tooltip.
  • Added Ctrl-Scroll Wheel support for our grids so that you can scroll horizontally without having to click on the controls.
  • Added “Copy” ability from our main grids (both the row and individual cells within the row).
  • Added a button to the WO Detail toolbar to allow adding a new row duplicating from the currently selected row.
  • Companies with only a Single Location defined will have that Locations pre-fill when performing Move transactions (while using Bin Tracking).
  • Added Order Quantity to the Invoice PO Field Chooser.

API Additions

  • We have exposed the MO detail population from BOMs process.
  • We have exposed the PO Numbering settings/increment procedure (allowing you to generate the next PO number programmatically).

Dashboard Alert/Visualization Improvements

  • Streamlined creating new chart layout.
  • Added the ability to select a multi-chart view page as the Info Center.
  • Added the ability to have chart data refresh each time you open the Dashboard.
  • Added the ability to reference MISys calculated fields within clauses.
  • Added more options to group by for the MO Header (Customer, SO Number, Created By), PO Header (Buyer), Work Centers (WC Class), WO Header (Created By & Released By), and WO Details (Customer & SO Number).
  • Added DB Alert actions to charts.

Beginning Work on Cloud Deployment Options

  • As we continue work on optimizing MISys for cloud deployment, we updated our password hashing algorithm to better protect against current password cracking methods.
  • Other changes, while not yet exposed as “cloud features,” did offer some significant improvements to on-premise performance (in certain areas) and are listed elsewhere, with more yet to come!

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MISys EXT v1.0.2.0

New Features

  • Added a warning prompt when posting transactions while there is an active timer running.
  • Exposed the PO Detail Order Quantity to PO screens.
  • Exposed the Received Quantity and Balance fields to the Receive/Return on PO screen in Stock Control.
  • Added the ability to hide the navigation sidebar.
  • Added the ability to add the Item Pick Sequence field to labels.

Sales Transfers

  • Added ability to perform Sales Transfers to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Added ability to perform Sales Transfers to Sage 50 US.
  • Added ability to perform Sales Transfers to Sage 50 CA.
  • Added ability to perform Sales Transfers to Sage 300.

Serial/Lot Tracking

  • Added the ability to specify the SL Expiration Date when creating SL numbers on the fly.
  • Added the ability to modify the SL Description when creating SL numbers on the fly.

Exposed Fields for Manufacturing Orders

  • Added Build Item and Description to the MO Finder.
  • Added Order Quantity to the MO screen.
  • Added Required Quantity to MO Details screen.
  • Added Completed Quantity to the MO Sales Transfer screen.
  • Added Reserved and Allocated to the Start MO screen.

Shop Operations

  • Added a warning prompt when posting transactions while there is an active timer running.
  • Added a warning when completing a quantity in excess of what is ordered in Shop Operations.
  • Added Ordered, Started, Completed and Actual Run Time to Shop Operations screens.
  • Added seconds to the timers.

Exposed Fields for Work Orders

  • Added Order Quantity to WO screens.
  • Added Reserved Quantity to the WO Reserve/Relieve screen.
  • Added Reserved and Allocated quantities to WO Allocate/Deallocate screen.
  • Add Reserved, Allocated, and Completed quantities to the Complete/Disassemble screen.


  • Extended the ability for Advanced Filters to be honored by Alerts displayed through ME.
  • Added the ability to copy data when drilling down into an Alert row.
  • Added the ability to click/tap hyperlinks from URL Custom Fields from an Alert drilldown.

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