The latest release brings increased performance, new features, more quality-of-life improvements, and numerous enhancements and fixes that will improve your work day.

Create MRP: Consider Existing Stock Quantities

  • MISys MOs can now consider existing stock levels as available for Create MRP.
  • You can choose to utilize this feature or continue to utilize it like before (by Never considering Current Stock) or you can even allow for the exclusion of parts of Subassemblies as well as from child MOs.
  • It considers all stock as available, so MPS/MRP is still the solution for multiple MOs/time-based planning.

Enhanced Exports from Dashboard Alerts

  • Extended the improvements done in our main exports to Dashboard Alerts, which will allow for more high-volume exports directly from the defined Alerts.

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Avoid Program Update Mismatches

  • We’ve modified the program installer to prevent unwanted/unneeded updates from the main installer if MISys is already installed. You can no longer accidentally install the same version of MISys though the installer and have it reset anything!

Performance Gains While Implementing More Native Azure Compatibility

  • Laid groundwork for native azure compatibility, significantly improving on-site performance in a fair number of areas.
  • Highlights include significant improvements in the areas of Scheduling and batch posting/feeding.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added a drilldown to the SLT Assignment Forms to allow for immediate modification of core SL information for specific SL numbers.
  • Added a “third-click” option to column sorting. Whereas the first click still sorts ascending and the second click is descending, the third-click will now clear the sort.
  • Multi-screen forms will now snap to an available monitor if the monitor that it was last being displayed on is unavailable. Previously, this would require a Reset Layouts.
  • You can copy Stock Transfer Batches from other Users provided you have the Post Batch permission.

Continuing Work on Cloud Deployment Options

  • Improved company creation performance particularly in situations where the database is not on the same network as the service IE: over a VPN, dedicated connection, etc.
  • Improved backup/restore processes.
  • Improved security and reliability in general with a focus on online accounting systems (currently Intacct and QBO) by changing how credentials are stored.
  • Improved security and stability by moving several of the 3rd party components we use to their current release version.

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New Features

  • Added Reserved, Allocated and Completed quantities to the Start/Complete MO forms.
  • Added Allocated and Scrapped quantities to the Scrap MO form.
  • Added Item Description for Label printing.
  • Added a Select All and Deselect All to the Alerts form.
  • Added the ability to protect against previous versions of ME to be installed.
  • Added the ability to export Alert data to Excel.
  • Added the ability to receive multiple PO details at once.

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