What’s New in MISys Manufacturing2019-01-10T10:13:56+00:00

New Features

Sage Intacct Integration
With the release of MISys Manufacturing v6.4.2.0, MISys adds Sage Intacct to its family of Accounting Software integrations. Sage Intacct delivers powerful cloud financial management. Learn more about MISys and Sage Intacct

User Interface Refresh
The User Interface has been redesigned with a focus on making daily tasks more efficient. Navigation is cleaner, the color palette is quieter and more modern.

As part of the UI Refresh, My Menu has become Favorites. The functionality has been greatly enhanced allowing a central place to perform your daily activities. Almost any area of the application can be specified as a Favorite by selecting the new star on the top-right of the desktop. This can include reports, alerts and higher-level nodes (to include all of the lower level functions).

Whereas My Menu brought you to the destination location within the application (requiring you to navigate back to My Menu), Favorites brings the information to the right pane directly, allowing you to quickly jump from different steps in your workflow.

Customize Columns of Grid Views
Continuing the UI improvements, you can now customize the columns on almost all of our grid views! This includes displaying additional columns as well as hiding existing columns (certain key fields are required to display).

Easier Row Selection
We couldn’t improve the UI without making it easier to do what you likely do the most often: Select Rows! You can now click or double-click anywhere on the row to select or open it.

Multi-monitor Support
Open a new window in MISys and slide it to a second monitor. Close it. The next time you open it MISys will remember where you left it and open it in that same location. It's a subtle change, but will help reduce precious time spent re-positioning the work space.

Company-specific Background Colors
If you happen to use multiple companies, you can now specify different background colors to distinguish them from each other.

User-specific PO Emails
You can now define user-specific email addresses for overriding what email address POs will use.

Excel Enhancements
While v6.3 did allow for .XLXS import/exports, we’ve enhanced this further by extending it to our “All Company” import/export as well as improving our handling of large datasets.

Gantt Enhancements
We’ve exposed multiple color options for each of our Gantt charts.

Item Cost History Report (MIITEM014) Costing Changes
This report was focused on your costing buckets and if they didn’t exist they wouldn’t display. This has been changed to allow the Item Cost to be used if no cost buckets exist for the items. This may not be good for everyone, so the option of “Only Items with Cost History” will behave similarly to before.

Easier Conversions
MISys Manufacturing can now convert all versions as early as v4.2 to the current version. This is now an automated process as part of the install as well as the Convert/Migrate/Restore functions from MISys Server Administration.