• There are certain areas within MISys where we forbid the use of Inactive records. But more often it is just a warning stating that it is Inactive. This release allows for an optional, stricter definition of “Inactive”.
  • By enabling the various options on the Administration > Company Options > Inactive tab, you can have MISys filter out Inactive Items from all the main grids/finders:
    - This will make your Item listings much cleaner and if you want, you can keep it as a toggle, so you can quickly include your Inactive Items if you so desire.
    - Restrict (forbid) the use of Inactive Items on Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders as well as Bills of Materials (which allows for restriction on Work Orders).
  • All of this is disabled by default, as new rules are in place to allow an Item to be marked as Inactive. If you run a Data Integrity Check, it will give you all of the reasons why an Item that is currently marked as Inactive shouldn’t be.
  • There is also an option to Skip Inactive Items for when you have lots of items that violate the new rules.
  • While this Inactive enforcement is currently limited to Items, we look to extend this to other areas moving forward.


  • For users taking advantage of MISys EXT (and why wouldn’t you!), you can now add Visualizations to your existing MISys Manufacturing Dashboard Alerts to both MISys EXT as well as MISys Manufacturing (by leveraging MISys EXT).
  • Right now, you can select a doughnut, pie or bar chart as a graphical representation of your existing alerts and you will still be able to perform the actions you are accustomed to! Please refer to the help, as it covers this in much greater detail


  • We’ve had a “Transaction” API for years. However, it didn’t allow for the non-transactional exposure that some of our partners require. Like the two additions above, we are taking a segmented approach to releasing our API Extensions.
  • Round 1 is orders: Purchase Orders, Work Orders and Manufacturing Orders. This will allow for standard functionality in the creation/modification/processing of the orders all while obeying our business logic.
  • More functionality to come!


  • MISys Manufacturing can now be configured to automatically log out inactive users.
  • Administrators can now configure individual users to have their own time out setting.
  • Activity is determined by database activity. By default, all users will be set to 0 which will never log them out (so you will not be surprised by a bunch of users timing out).


  • MISys Scheduling can read both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Sales Receipts as a demand.


  • The Worth Terminal Manager is now available as a system tray application. This allows for smoother operation of this background application.


  • Historically, any database schema changes necessitated a new install to be able to perform the actual changes.
  • We’ve enhanced our updater to allow service packs to have the ability to modify our existing database schema. This allows us to make more significant changes to the application without requiring an installation of the newer version of MISys.
  • As a result of this, don’t be surprised when you are applying the update to your MISys Server. We will now prompt to perform the conversion (don’t worry, we make a backup).

See it live. Request a Demo

MISys Manufacturing EXT v1.0.1.0

  • Added support for Sales Transfers with Sage 50 US.
  • Added Bin Stock Quantity field to the Bin No. Finder.
  • Stock Transfers
    - Added Stocking and Purchasing UoM fields on Receive from PO transfer form.
    - Display PO Detail Ordered quantity on the Receive/Return PO form.
    - Added an over-receive warning prompt to the Receive/Return PO form.

Learn More at


Purchase Orders now support auto-populating Custom Fields from Item Custom Fields
Similar to how BOMs and MOs currently behave, PO details now have the ability to populate Custom Fields from Items. This requires that both the Item and PO Custom Fields are configured similarly.

Added ability to close multiple Orders (POs, WOs & MOs)
This is a long requested feature, and it’s been implemented for each of our order types. While it cannot have the granularity of a single order close, you can now multi-select from the order grid and then close each selected row at once. The help will fully describe this addition, just search for “close multiple” or something similar!

Option to Hide Closed Orders (POs, WOs & MOs)
Added a new “Hide Closed” button to the navigation toolbar for the main grids for POs, WOs & MOs. This allows for an immediate hide/display of all closed orders.

Production/Supply Schedule settings are now persisted
Zoom, date and other selections for both areas are now persisted through login sessions.

Replace/Add/Remove BOM Component function enhanced to allow the resulting Revision to be marked as current
Similar to being able to select “Force New Revision”, you can now select “Make New Revision Current” which will automatically make the created Revision the Current Revision (saving you a lot of time!)

Dashboard Alerts enhanced to consider data from related tables
Dashboard Alerts can now consider related tables when applying criteria for filtering.

Dashboard Alerts/Advanced Find enhanced to allow math statements using multiple fields
This is a long requested feature. You can now perform math from multiple fields. Say you want to create a Dashboard Alert that would display any Item Location details where the Stock Quantity + the On Order quantity is greater than the Minimum Stocking threshold. Now you can!

Dashboard Alerts/Advanced Find now has Does Not Contain/Does Not Exist Clauses
Added the ability to use these clauses in both Dashboard Alerts and Advanced Find.

Added option to Ignore Inactive Items from the Physical Inventory Worksheet
Inactive Items can now be filtered from the Physical Inventory Worksheet (and as such for any feed into the Physical Inventory batch).

Added option to Ignore Inactive Items, Closed Orders & Posted Batches to the Data Integrity Check
Added options to individually skip Inactive Items, Closed Orders and/or Posted Batches from consideration in the Data Integrity check. Larger databases should see significant improvements while running the check.

Keyboard Bindings are now persisted
Over the last few updates/versions we’ve been adding more settings/selections be persisted between sessions. This update adds keyboard shortcuts to the settings that are persisted.

Introducing MISys Manufacturing EXT

It's MOBILE! Use MISys Manufacturing EXT on any PC, tablet, smartphone or web-enabled device to process real-time MISys transactions using a web-based interface.

MISys EXT Functionality

  • Log In/Out as a standard MISys Manufacturing company database User.
  • Process any Stock Transfers, including Item Transfers, Assembly Transfers, Supplier Transfers, Component Transfers and Dispensing Tools.
  • Process PO Receipts or Returns.
  • Work Order processing, including Reserving, Allocating and Completing any Released Work Order.
  • Manufacturing Order processing, including Starting, Starting/Scrapping individual components, and Completing any Released Manufacturing Order.
  • Full Shop Operations processing, including Starting and Completing Operations, processing Time and Direct Labor transactions, and processing Scraps.
  • Unique to MISys EXT, you can manage multiple active Operation Timers as part of Shop Operations processing.
  • Create new Physical Inventory batches or to add new Detail lines to Physical Inventory batches.
  • Print new Barcode labels.
  • Any field may be populated by using the provided Finder, by scanning a barcode or by entering a quantity.
  • Full integration with the Shop Floor Control, Serial/Lot Tracking and Bin Tracking modules.
  • Transfer quantities of Items to Sales, or vice versa, as well as Sales Transfers as part of Work Order or Manufacturing order processing. Currently available for QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct and Sage 300 ERP.


  • MISys EXT utilizes Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to connect to the server on which MISys Manufacturing is installed.
  • MISys EXT requires licenses for both MISys EXT and the MISys API.
  • Each login session on MISys EXT consumes a MISys User License.
  • Print labels using mobile and stationary Zebra Link-OS printers.
  • Compatible with bluetooth scanning devices to populate fields in MISys EXT.


Sage Intacct Integration
With the release of MISys Manufacturing v6.4.2.0, MISys adds Sage Intacct to its family of Accounting Software integrations. Sage Intacct delivers powerful cloud financial management. Learn more about MISys and Sage Intacct

User Interface Refresh
The User Interface has been redesigned with a focus on making daily tasks more efficient. Navigation is cleaner, the color palette is quieter and more modern.

As part of the UI Refresh, My Menu has become Favorites. The functionality has been greatly enhanced allowing a central place to perform your daily activities. Almost any area of the application can be specified as a Favorite by selecting the new star on the top-right of the desktop. This can include reports, alerts and higher-level nodes (to include all of the lower level functions).

Whereas My Menu brought you to the destination location within the application (requiring you to navigate back to My Menu), Favorites brings the information to the right pane directly, allowing you to quickly jump from different steps in your workflow.

Customize Columns of Grid Views
Continuing the UI improvements, you can now customize the columns on almost all of our grid views! This includes displaying additional columns as well as hiding existing columns (certain key fields are required to display).

Easier Row Selection
We couldn’t improve the UI without making it easier to do what you likely do the most often: Select Rows! You can now click or double-click anywhere on the row to select or open it.

Multi-monitor Support
Open a new window in MISys and slide it to a second monitor. Close it. The next time you open it MISys will remember where you left it and open it in that same location. It's a subtle change, but will help reduce precious time spent re-positioning the work space.

Company-specific Background Colors
If you happen to use multiple companies, you can now specify different background colors to distinguish them from each other.

User-specific PO Emails
You can now define user-specific email addresses for overriding what email address POs will use.

Excel Enhancements
While v6.3 did allow for .XLXS import/exports, we’ve enhanced this further by extending it to our “All Company” import/export as well as improving our handling of large datasets.

Gantt Enhancements
We’ve exposed multiple color options for each of our Gantt charts.

Item Cost History Report (MIITEM014) Costing Changes
This report was focused on your costing buckets and if they didn’t exist they wouldn’t display. This has been changed to allow the Item Cost to be used if no cost buckets exist for the items. This may not be good for everyone, so the option of “Only Items with Cost History” will behave similarly to before.

Easier Conversions
MISys Manufacturing can now convert all versions as early as v4.2 to the current version. This is now an automated process as part of the install as well as the Convert/Migrate/Restore functions from MISys Server Administration.