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What’s New in MISys Manufacturing

New Features

“Find” and “Advanced Find” Filter Persistence

MISys will apply the search criteria used in the “Find” and “Advanced Find” to any future sessions, saving and applying them automatically.  This will continue until you clear the filter, use a new search criteria or by resetting the views to the default settings.

Grouping Persistence

In MISys you are able to Group items in many of the grids (like Grouping Items by item type such as Raw Materials) by dragging the column header to the top of the grid.  Now MISys will automatically apply the Grouping from one session to the next until you clear the Grouping by either dragging the grouped column header back into the grid or by resetting the views to the default settings.

Pinning Persistence

In MISys you are able to Pin columns in the grid layout, freezing those columns on the left side of the grid (similar to freeze panes in Excel).   Now MISys will remember those Pins and apply them to future sessions.   This will continue until you unpin the column or reset the views to the default settings.

Landed Cost Adjustments

Added Landed Cost as an option for Cost Adjustments: in both Range and Batch adjustments you can use Landed as the Adjustment Basis.

Sage 300 Currency Option

Added an option to NOT perform Currency Rate Syncs at first login. This allows for manual control for updated Rates from Sage 300.

BOM Routing Cost Rollup

Modified BOM entry so that you are now prompted after changing BOM Routing Details to perform a Cost Rollup. It behaves similarly to the prompt you get when modifying the material details.

MO Process MRP Enhancement

MISys already allows you to Process MRP from a Manufacturing Order in order to purchase items for an individual Manufacturing Order (“buy to the MO”).  This new feature will generate an alert when there are components in the MRP without Qualified Suppliers defined.

Bugs and Issues Addressed

System Wide

  • Display of an ampersand (&) in certain fields (for example, the Item Number) was not being handled properly.
  • Text alignment was off with some controls on Windows 8 and 10.
  • Prompt when trying to process zero quantities in transfers.

Period End

  • Check For Missing Accounts button was behaving differently than the Period End process in regards to verifying the accounts that exist.
  • Sage 50 CAD- Project Costs were getting the wrong sign from Period End.

Batch Posting

  • Cost buckets that were generated from a Physical Inventory in Standard or Average costing had a 0 cost.

Company Options

  • When using an accounting system that does not support creating sales orders from manufacturing orders the Auto-Increment Mfg. orders will be missing from the company options.

Scheduling Batches

  • Sage 300- verification that Invoice Date Range is being adhered to when pulling in Sales Invoices from a Forecast.


  • SL Assignment CSV Imports would cut off the letter F and any prior characters.
  • Sage 50 CAD- resolved error Importing Items from Sage 50 CAD with long Item Numbers.

Manufacturing Orders

  • Setting an advanced filter and saving it on the dispatch list was making it so you were no longer able to clear it.
  • Allocated Consumed Type MO Details was not driving Assembly Variance hit for MO Completed at 0 Qty.
  • Required Qty. of Component Serial/Lot Assignments was incorrectly calculated.

Process Sales Orders

  • Sage 50 CAD- resolved an Arithmetic Exception error message when using Process Sales Orders.
  • Intacct- Fixed issue with the Sales Order and Customer Finder for Manufacturing Orders.

Process MRP

  • Errors were being thrown if Buy All or Build All was run after Filtering Requirements.
  • Build / Buy All from MRP would throw an error if you filter using all fields.
  • Processing MRP with an advanced filter set was throwing an error.

Purchase Orders

  • Sage 300- fixed issue where there was no total value displayed when you invoiced and PO with PO tax disabled.
  • Document finder on PO | Notes tab did not open to the Documents Folder path defined in Company Options.


  • Production Advice report could only be generated by the user that is assigned to the schedule.

Sales Transfers

  • QuickBooks- Range transfers to sales was not triggering a receipt / return when QB quantity was negative.

Server Administration

  • Server Administration, when installed on a client machine, was not seeing all Licenses with “Server is on this PC” de-selected.


  • Importing a BOM from Solidworks would fail if the part number in Solidworks was left empty.
  • MISys was looking for a QB License and was not allowing operation of Solidworks without it.

Worth Bar-code Manager

  • No Sales Location prompt was shown when transferring to Sales on an MO through the RF Terminal.
  • Auto-Build was not being honored in RF Terminal if Allow Negative Stock is disabled in MISys.
  • Added Worth Terminal Manager to MISys Manufacturing Client install.
  • Updated Worth Terminal programs to work with Worth 5101 Tricoders.


Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc (MISys) introduced the integration of its MISys Manufacturing software with SOLIDWORKS 2015 3D CAD software.

"The new integration makes it easy to create items and Bills of Material in MISys Manufacturing software from a product design in SOLIDWORKS," said Dave Brown, CEO and President of MISys. "It will save customers an incredible amount of time and work when moving from design to production."

watch-demo-videoFeature Highlights in 6.2

  • Added the functionality to import Assembled Items and associated Bills of Material and components from SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software directly into the MISys Manufacturing Item Master.

New Features Available in 6.2

  • In Company Options, created the tab "Engineering".- Created option for integration to either "None" or "SOLIDWORKS."
    - Added ability to provide path to the location of SOLIDWORKS assembly files for import
    - Added the ability to provide path to the location of SOLIDWORKS Bill of Material templates
    - Created configurable logic in Company Options to handle duplicate item numbers on imports.
  • Added a new submenu under File > import when Master Files > items (or BOM) for import of SOLIDWORKS Assemblies & Parts
  • Added a 3 step import wizard to import SOLIDWORKS Assemblies & Parts- Select Assembly from list in SOLIDWORKS.
    - Review and edit the MISys Bill of Materials before import.
    - Import as MISys Manufacturing Items and BOMs.