Who Owns MISys?

Welcome to MISys!

We're the driving force behind MISys Manufacturing software, officially Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc, but you probably know us better as "MISys" (pronounced “MY sis”). However, we're not the only ones who have carried that name.

Despite our distinct identity, we often field inquiries meant for the British fintech firm "Misys" (note the difference in capitalization), which merged with their Canadian rival DH Corp to form Finastra. But old names die hard, and folks doing online searches for the old fintech firm often end up on our website at misysinc.com. Just to be clear, we're not Finastra.

Our MISys was first established in 1977 as Microcomputer Specialists when personal computers were emerging in the market. The company was renamed Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. years later, a clever reverse-engineering of the "MISYS" shorthand used by our strategic accounting partner when referring to our manufacturing software. In 2007, we secured a US Trademark (No. 3,225,004) for "MISYS," that covers "computer programs for use in manufacturing for inventory control and valuation, purchase order and revision creation and control, multi-level bills of material, creation and control of manufacturing orders, production scheduling, material requirements planning, purchasing, serial/lot tracking, bin tracking, shop floor control, capacity planning, production control and analysis of production efficiency."

But who owns MISys? The employees. In 2018, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was formed to purchase the company from the original founders.

Our mission is clear: To develop software that helps manufactures thrive, adding critical functionality to entry-level accounting systems. MISys Manufacturing represents the culmination of decades of refinement and functionality developed to meet the expressed needs of manufacturing companies all over the world.

In 2023 we introduced "MISys on Azure" that transforms our on-premises application into a cloud application, using MS Azure for services and a scalable database.  The software is very powerful, meeting the needs of complex manufacturers looking to get control of their inventory, production and costs of goods sold.

So that is who MISys is. It can get a little confusing because our website needs the “inc” in the url, but it is what it is, and it’s been working for a while. Welcome to MISys.