MISys Begins Where QuickBooks Ends: The Power of MRP for Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers.

Get started with Basic Manufacturing and experience how MISys Manufacturing software delivers on its promise to turn your QuickBooks accounting software into an industrial-strength manufacturing system.

Here are the top 10 reasons why QuickBooks manufacturers add MISys Manufacturing software:

  1. Track inventory in work-in-process (WIP). Other systems will help track your inventory. MISys is designed to help control your inventory. Our customers enjoy a typical savings of 25-50% in inventory and associated carrying costs (like insurance, floor space, physical management, etc.) because MISys has the ability to:
    - Forecast inventory based on history, lead times, vendor performance.
    - Maintain accurate minimum order levels for "just in case" scenarios.
    - Let the system order only what you need, when you need it.
  2. Link multiple suppliers to a single inventory item.  Establish preferred vendors, volume purchase discounts.
  3. Explode multi-level bills of material.
  4. Track BOM revisions.
  5. Track job costs for manufacturing jobs.
  6. Use Standard Costing for inventory.
  7. Schedule production effectively to meet customer deadlines.
  8. Use time-phased MRP to buy only what is needed, WHEN it is needed.
  9. Track production on the shop floor.

10. Keep the accounting software you know and like, add the manufacturing software you need.

Leverage QuickBooks to streamline the "front of the house" operations, encompassing customer-centric tasks such as customer records, sales orders, sales inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger management. For seamless control over the "back of the house," specifically manufacturing processes, integrate MISys Manufacturing software. This robust solution efficiently handles bills of material, raw material inventory, production scheduling, and purchasing. MISys meticulously tracks all manufacturing costs in a dedicated subledger, seamlessly syncing with the QuickBooks ledger. Benefit from fully auditable transactions, all executed automatically to eliminate the need for redundant data entry.

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MISys Manufacturing software is a modular system. Start with the Basic Manufacturing Module and add functionality when you need it:

  • Basic Manufacturing This is the comprehensive building block for the modular MISys Manufacturing system. It enables effective management of inventory levels, facilitates the control of raw materials and work-in-progress (WIP), supports multi-level bills of material, facilitates revision of bills of material (BOMs), allows for accurate physical inventory cycle counting, and streamlines the processing of production work orders.
  • Advanced Purchasing - Seamlessly analyze material shortages and automate the creation of purchase orders to replenish inventory, ensuring you never run out of crucial materials.
  • Advanced Production - Predict the cost of every job and track performance as manufacturing orders progress through your shop. From standard assemblies to unique one-off items, stay in control and maintain profitability.
  • Material Requirements Planning - Gain valuable insights into your purchasing and production needs by analyzing current inventory, open orders, and sales orders. Identify potential shortages and respond swiftly by creating purchase and production orders.
  • Shop Floor Control - Accurately predict production costs by factoring in estimated material, labor, and overhead expenses. Analyze actual production costs to optimize your operations further.
  • Serial/Lot Tracking - Ensure compliance with strict regulatory agency requirements, such as FDA and FAA, by meticulously tracking serial or lot numbers throughout the entire purchasing and production process.
  • Bin Tracking - Maintain complete visibility over your inventory with unique sub-locations for each item or assembly. Efficiently manage raw materials, sub-assemblies, and finished goods within specific containers.
  • Labor Tracking - Monitor the elapsed time that production workers spend on selected jobs and manufacturing orders. Automate the posting of labor data to manufacturing orders, improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Bar Coding - Streamline your inventory control functions by seamlessly printing and collecting barcoded data. Enhance accuracy and eliminate manual errors.
  • Mobile Alerts - Stay informed with critical alerts sent directly to smartphones or any mobile device capable of receiving wireless email messages. Keep your team connected and responsive.
  • MISys Manufacturing EXT - Access real-time MISys transactions using a mobile web-based interface. This versatile solution works flawlessly on tablets, smartphones, and other web-enabled devices, empowering you with mobility and convenience.

Built-in Power and Scalability

  • Technical: For maximum performance and scalability, MISys Manufacturing is built on the Microsoft SQL database engine, a 5-user version of which is included in the purchase price. For larger firms, MISys Manufacturing supports hundreds of concurrent users on Microsoft SQL Server and other ANSI-compliant SQL databases.
  • Business: MISys Manufacturing is part of the vast QuickBooks ecosystem. Our customers take full advantage of best-of-breed CRM, EDI, eCommerce software and more. With MISys, you will have built-in Power and Scalability for your entire business.

Flexible Deployment Options

MISys Manufacturing can be installed as an on premise solution on a desktop PC or shared across a network. Alternatively, you can deploy MISys Manufacturing in the cloud by locating your server off site or using a third party provider to host both the clients and server at a secure facility that gives you anytime, anywhere access.