Company Name: Paca Foods
Industry: Food Manufacturer
Location: Tampa, FL
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Description of the Business:
Paca Foods is the largest and oldest dry food manufacturer and packager in Florida.

Previous to purchasing MISys Manufacturing, what system(s) did you use to manage your manufacturing operation?
Inventory control was essentially a manual process.

What problem/challenges were you trying to solve?
Inventory was more of an inventory reporting system, not an inventory control system. With no controls on the production floor the inventory manager was completely dependent upon manual reports which showed what had happened the day before to remove, build or adjust inventory. There were no cycle counts, overages, damages and misuses were seldom reported and as a result stock outs were common and inventory was not arriving in time to meet production needs or customer requirements.

paca-foodsHow did MISys address the challenges you mentioned above? What specific solutions did MISys bring to you?
Paca Food selected MISys; it had all the modules, Inventory Control, Purchasing, MRP, Bar-Coding, Lot Control, Scheduling needed for our daily needs and was integral for continuous improvement.

What have the results been like? Have you quantified them in terms of ROI, order fulfillment, etc…?
The ability to transfer information to and from QuickBooks was important, but the largest immediate advantages were in the accuracy of inventory and the availability of on demand reporting. No more confusion over which product uses which ingredients or packaging, having accurate costs in FIFO layers (we chose to go FIFO which was another of the advantages MISys offered) being able to quickly analyze inventory and send PO’s directly from the system were all pluses. Real costs savings were realized by loading the qualified suppliers for every item and being able to quote and compare suppliers prices, quality and lead times.

What was implementation like for you?
Paca Foods went live with MISys two months ahead of schedule. To load and launch MISys you have to really clean your data and boiling down 20 years of manual data entry was arduous…the benefit was immediate once we launched.