MISys Manufacturing for Food and Beverage

As a food manufacturer, the biggest reason to consider MISys Manufacturing is control. Food manufacturers typically struggle with three main areas: inventory control, costing, and traceability. And, unlike a company that makes widgets, the food manufacturing process tends to be a bit more variable. Ingredients are carefully measured out, but yields of finished goods always vary, and therefore costs always vary. And to top it all off, regulatory demands mean that you have to account for every bit of material used and prove that you have complete traceability.

MISys wraps all of these capabilities and more into an easy-to-use package that integrates with your accounting system. With Advanced Production, MISys will know that when you measure out ingredients for production, that those ingredients will be used in full even if you only get half of the finished product you were supposed to. And, as a result, the system will have a much more accurate per unit cost for your finished goods.

Pair that with full material traceability, batch/recipe adjustments on-the-fly, automatically generated purchase orders based on stock status, and more, and MISys can give you the kind of comprehensive control features typically found on much larger systems.


module_icon_smallBasic Manufacturing

Core inventory control and costing features, as well as accounting integration.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Purchasing

Ability to generate and receive purchase order in MISys. Ties with Serial/Lot tracking to introduce new material lot numbers for items you wish to track. Also allows auto-generation of POs based on inventory needs.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Production

Ability to track variable yields of production runs and adjust batches/recipes on-the-fly, if desired. Shows actual costs of each production run.

module_icon_smallSerial / Lot Tracking

Track back to quality of lots of raw materials.

Potential Add-Ons and Food and Beverage Manufacturers:

  • Material Requirements Planning: For time phased material planning that shows not only what you need, but when.
  • Bar Coding: To streamline the highly data-entry intensive process of maintaining material traceability, allows you to scan all inventory transactions and associated lot numbers to keep the system live and up-to-date straight from the production floor.