Track Production Costs with Customized Manufacturing Orders.

Job shops and manufacturers who create variants of standard assemblies (or custom orders for special "one-off" items) will discover that the Advanced Production module provides them with critical importation needed to track their production activities. With Advanced Production, you'll be able to predict the cost of every job and track your performance.


  • Manufacturing Orders (MO's)
  • Customized Job Orders
  • Cost Estimating and Tracking


  • Create Manufacturing Orders either from a standard bill of materials, or from scratch without previously defined components.
  • Use Bills of Material with Routing Details through Work Centers to guide shop floor operations.
  • Create and print cost estimates based on the unit cost of known components and the estimated cost of provisional items.
  • Compare projected manufacturing cost with the actual cost for accurate analyses of productivity and profitability.
  • Declare provisional items that may not be completely defined, or are unknown at the time.
  • Associate jobs with manufacturing orders for detailed cost analysis.
  • Edit manufacturing orders to create custom job orders.
  • Allocate special items such as labor, supplies, and tooling to customize manufacturing order.
  • Attach files and pictures to MO's to provide unlimited amounts of online documentation.
  • Create and link child MO's to any parent MO.
  • Copy previous orders to speed up order generation.
  • Print internal manufacturing order approvals and multi-page production manufacturing orders.
  • Create and print job travelers to accompany jobs on the shop floor.
  • Analyze standard, projected, and actual job costs with performance variances.
  • Create detailed manufacturing order pick lists.
  • Pick partial or complete manufacturing orders.
  • Utilize an automatic back-flush to support Stock, WIP, and Reserve stock.
  • Back-flush complete or partially completed manufacturing orders.
  • Automatically adjust raw material inventory levels based on actual production yield.
  • Create special handling of non-backflush items.
  • Record scrap resulting from specific MO processing.
  • Expedite and close MO's at any time with automatic cleanup of partially committed material.
  • Transfer completed items directly to the finished goods inventory.