Software Application Privacy

MISys Manufacturing Server Administration and Client User Data Handling
During activation of your license for the MISys Manufacturing software, MISys will update your customer account with information you provide on the “Owner” tab of Server Administration. The fields transmitted to MISys are as follows:

• Company Name
• Company Address
• Company City
• Company State
• Company Postal Code
• Company Country
• Company Telephone
• Company Fax
• Company Web Site
• Company Info Center URL
• Company Product(s)
• Company Contact Name
• Company Contact Email

This information is only used to service your account and is not sold to, or otherwise shared with, any third parties. Further information on MISys’s information practices can be found in our privacy policy at

Any other information you enter into Server Administration or the client application is stored only in your database and is not transmitted to MISys by the application, and you will be responsible for complying with all privacy, security, and other laws, regulations, and policies applicable to your collection and use of such information.

Google API access / user data handling
The MISys Manufacturing software, published by MISys Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc., adheres all applicable data practices outlined in the Gmail API user data and developer policy | Google for Developers and the Google API Services User Data Policy. MISys Manufacturing does not access data in consumer Google accounts ( However, the MISys Client application does enable you to collect and save information that is necessary to send emails on your behalf. The fields collected are only saved in your environment and are not sent to MISys. The fields accessed are detailed below:

• Oauth from e-mail address: This is what the MISys application uses as the “from” address when sending email on your behalf.
• If OAuth is being used: Required for authentication.
• The OAuth provider (Typically Google): Required for authentication.
• OAuth access Token (encrypted): Required for authentication.
• OAuth refresh token (encrypted): Required for authentication.

If you have any questions or wish to contact us regarding any of the above topics, please see our “Contact Information” below.

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