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MISys Manufacturing Software
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 54 reviews
 by Abbie Damschroder, Chem Tech
MISys is the best investment

I just wanted to reach back out to let you know that MISys is the best investment our company has made to improve our processes and to be able to handle a volatile manufacturing market that we are finding ourselves in. We are able to pivot and plan so much better than in past years. I was looking at our inventory value on our balance sheets and we have significantly decreased money stuck in our raw material inventory and finished goods inventory. MISys has also helped us move towards a customer order-based manufacturing schedule and do long-term forecasting for raw material needs. We also no longer needed an individual to do purchasing full-time because of the time saved using MISys.

Your customer service has been so helpful in the 14 ish months that we have been live with MISys.

Thank you,
Abbie Damschroder
Chem Tech

 by Kris Jones, CanAm Pet Treats
MISys on Azure

We purchased MISys Manufacturing to capture the true costs of manufacturing and to resolve scheduling conflicts on the production line. The plan was to move Sage 50 CA desktop accounting software and MISys to host on a virtual machine in the cloud which was set up and ready to activate. But then MISys introduced “MISys on Azure” which makes it possible to deploy the MISys Server and Database on Azure. Intrigued, we pursued this option with the help of a MISys business partner, Noobeh, and with MISys. What we found was that we could stay with Sage 50 Canada for accounting on a local network, connected to a MISys Client on the same local machine, while deploying the MISys server and database on Azure for greater data security and necessary processing capabilities, all for a fraction of the cost of moving everything to a virtual machine. The MISys tech support team was incredibly responsive to help make this happen. In the end we have the software and technical configuration we need at a fraction of the cost of what I was considering. And it runs great!

 by Z.B.
So grateful

Brandon, it worked like a charm. This level of support and customer service is truly as good as gold! I am immensely grateful. With many thanks and kindest regards, Z

 by James A.
Beyond my expectations

Customer service beyond my expectations. Prompt, thorough resolution to request for assistance that made me feel like a valued partner.

 by Michael H
Thank you

Hey Kathy,
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the professionalism, knowledge, and patience you’ve had with us throughout this process. You were amazing and made this integration ten times simpler than we imagined it could be. So here’s a big Thank You from Stef, Abbi, myself, and the rest of the U-Mark team. We appreciated our time together.

You were everything, and so much more, than we could have hoped for in a SureStart coach and we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

Thank you again for everything,

 by Sheila P.
Extremely Helpful

Brandon was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and helped me ensure I didn't ruin our physical inventory. Answered every question I had thoroughly and promptly. Super helpful! Thank you!

 by S.Hastings
As expected

Bill is just as excellent as we expected. His in-depth knowledge and dedicated customer service skills are greatly appreciated at all times!

 by Roy B.
MISys Support Experience

I have over 20 + years of IT experience and Brandon has provide some of the best support that I have ever received. He is knowledgeable, quick to respond and a great asset to your company!

 by Anne M.

Training is progressing very well. Kathy is great and very patient with us :)

 by Alex Z.
Awesome job

Great response time and great troubleshooting! Bill did an awesome job trying to help me with any potential issue that it could have been. Ultimately, it resolved itself on its own but I was grateful for the Misys support staff for this problem.

 by Dan N
Top notch service

Top notch service. MISys support gets 5 out of 5 GOLD STARS!

 by Chris Peterson, Hells Bay Boatworks
Great Work!

The speed change in the latest release of MISys is very noticeable! Great work guys! Keep it up!

 by Sandra Allison, RFG Canada Inc.
Impressive speed

Wow, we are very impressed with the speed increase. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 by Lori R
Happy with MISys Support

I am always SO very happy with MISys support. We get replies to our tickets so quickly and are always able to have satisfactory resolutions.


 by Joe Tullar Salvo Technologies
Thank you!

Great support experience from beginning to end. Thanks for the quick work to guide me through setup and migration

 by Nancy

great support team!!

 by C Allen
New MISys User

I am very pleased with how the team responds back to my questions and issues. I am new to using the system and so far every answer I have received i have been able to follow the instructions to figure out the process and how we can benefit more from using the system. Thank you very much for your help and others.

 by JL
Outstanding Support

Misys support has been very outstanding since the very first day.
As we learn more and dive deeper, support is inevitably even more important.

 by Rick
Excellent Support!

MISys support is very helpful and knowledgeable about Misys in the areas I had questions on. I was able to resolve my problem quickly. Thank you so much.

 by Doug, Conformance Fasteners
We couldn’t live without MISys

We couldn’t live without MISys. We’re looking at the information every day to track inventory and understand what we need. I’ve dealt with a lot of software and computer companies over the years, having started working with computers in 1981, and your staff is in the top 3 for service. No matter how dumb the question is that I may ask I am always treated like I am important and the person in technical support or customer service is patient and provides me with the information and answers I need.

 by Scott Bauer, Illumination Devices
You guys rock!

It's our 5 year anniversary together today! We are happy to have discovered you guys, thank you!

 by Cheryl, Dir of Operations MPS LLC
MISys does what we need it to do

Easy to understand the flow and the navigation part. Transactions are easy and usually pretty short and easy to follow. Enjoyed working with the coach during set up. Love the Wednesday Users Group sessions - informative and helpful. Usually pretty easy to talk to someone on the phone when a new challenge appears. I like that they continue to follow up with me to see how things are going.

 by Linda K. Data Spectrum Corporation
Using MISys

Pros: Comprehensive, Training Videos, Inventory, Quick response from the Help Desk when needed.

Cons: I would like an easier way to customize reports.

Our company has been using MISys for several years. We manufacture completed items and sub-assemblies, and individual replacement parts. We really needed to keep track of our inventory more efficiently than a spreadsheet and MISys was the solution. The on-Line training has been good but we have found it challenging to find the time we need to learn how to use the MRP features and also Serial/Lot Tracking. Support provides great assistance when we need them.

 by Michael - Cemtek KVB-Enertec
Great Company and Software

Pros: MIsys is a great software package that is written well, performs well and is easy to install and maintain. Issues are few and far between, and when they have come up, they were easy to resolve by ourselves or with a quick call to customer support. This company has fantastic support that is knowledgeable and quick to respond! I would recommend this software to any business that keeps inventory.

Cons: Occasionally users get locked in the logged in state and have to be kicked by the admin. I would also like an option to set the default client connection options from the server admin so when a new client machine is loaded I do not have to configure it by hand.

When I first encountered MISys at this company I looked at it and saw what looked like an older software application built by a small company. My experience has changed over the last 6 months as this software is easy to use, mostly intuitive and is extremely easy and straightforward to maintain. Also whenever I have had to reach out to the company, the service is phenomenal.

 by Nick K
Tremendous gains

The software works well for our usage and we have realized tremendous gains in overall efficiency.

 by Brett
Using Misys is simple for a first time user as myself

My company began with MiSys a few years ago and after just a few weeks everything clicked and it has made managing our inventory very simple. I find it easy to discover lots of details on a part we sell with just a few clicks.

 by Na K.
MISys BOM is easy to use

One of my favorite features in MISys is easy to use Build of Material (BOM) which quickly lists all parts in an assembly, allowing you to easily calculate the material costs.

 by Matt G.
Over all a good experience. We have used it for Quick Books Integration for our manufacturing

Works with Quick books integration which was necessary for our company as we operate as a manufacture but also sell our product. We needed to be able to manage everything directly through Quick Books. This feature has been great for our team! Over all it is a good item to use. Seems that it could be a little more intuitive as well. Many tasks require training to use.

 by Shelley Burnett - Controller/Compliance Manager
Thanks MISys

It has made me and us as a company very efficient.

 by Steve
Essential inventory tool!

We migrated from a custom made legacy MRP system to MISys almost 2 years ago now. MISys software has been been a key contributor to being able to manage our inventory and production planning much more efficiently. We are able to get significant insight, data and dashboard reporting that has helped us make better planning decisions. We are also very happy with support and reliability of the MISys software and company.

 by Bill
Great software, great people & great support.

We’re a small manufacturing company and we like to be “lean and mean.” That’s our motto. We do a lot more with fewer people and that is a huge advantage for us. Staying lean and mean helps keep our employees involved in the business. Many of them have taken a huge interest in MISys because they know it helps them do their job better. Involving them with MISys has helped with morale. MISys has improved the accuracy of our counts for inventory parts, finished product, and service parts. As much as we like QuickBooks, the software was not good for inventory. We could conduct a physical inventory and two days later it would be off and couldn’t figure out what problem was. With MISys, our inventory is right on. MISys helped with our work orders as well. When we build a product, MISys helps us track the project from beginning to end so that we know what is being built, what inventory is being used, and when the project will be complete. We know exactly what we’ve got in the works.

 by Larry Mick
Low cost, powerful solution

It is a low cost solution that handles almost anything a much higher cost solution can handle. It works well and is well supported in the manufacturing community. It integrates well with Intacct.

 by Jennifer Storie
Big impact on our company

MISys has made a large improvement in inventory tracking and mfg orders.

 by Steven D Swartz
Great value

For the price it has a lot of features that in many other programs would cost much more money. Misys Manufacturing is a very robust system.

 by Raul Rodriguez

Misys is a versatile software tool that simplifies my work and lets me project purchasing, capacity and measure productivity accurate and fast.

 by Chris Beckman, Southern Craft Mfg
Perfect for our needs

I came from an SAP plant to a MISys plant. I like the smaller scale of MISys in conjunction with QuickBooks. It does everything we need at a smaller manufacturing facility, but doesn't limit our growth potential.

 by Howard B. Huffman
Small Business

My business was growing beyond what we could manage with pen and paper. We were introduced to MISys through our SAGE rep. We spent several months reviewing MISys and another six months receiving training and getting ready to implement. We have been live since the first week in Jan and 99% of our problems were self inflicted. We are a job shop manufacture with varying requirements from our customers and even more so varying needs from our suppliers. Every software has its limitations but our support from MISys help us understand the limitations and they worked with us to adapt either MISys or our procedures so we could get the maximum benefit possible. If your looking for a MRP system with reasonable flexibility and great customer service, you need to give MISys a hard look.

 by Mark L.

We are still completing our initial install, but I am pleased with the flexibility and functionality I am seeing so far. I know the implementation of MISys Mfg is going to provide more visibility to our business than we have ever had before. Thanks.

 by Socraft

We have been using MISys for about 4 years now we have had only one major complaint When we posted the inventory adjustments for the year end it took 5 days to post. Could not get an answer as to why it took so long. Other than that is works well with our Quickbooks enterprise software. Basically user friendly when looking up certain items and po's. Over all we have been pleased with the software.

 by Chris M.

I have been using the Misys Program for over a year now. I think the program is easy to use. It was very easy to learn how to use it. Customer Service is great to work with. They were able to help me with the learning process. They are great people to work with. The setup was very easy to do. Adding inventory for day to day manufacturing and shipping is very easy and straight foward. I give the Misys software an A+. It is very user friendly and very accurate.

 by Dave

MISys was a natural upgrade from Quickbooks Manufacturing. We were able to keep all of our financial information intact and seamlessly transition to SBM. Set-up on the MISys side was straightforward, and once the proper settings were made in Quickbooks (thanks to MISys phone support) the financial transaction began as expected. The Bills of Material control, Serialization, and MRP capabilities are the key features that MISys brings to our organization. We use a 12 digit Hexadecimal number for our serial number and MISys handles that without an issue, thus allowing us to avoid generating a secondary number just for serialization.

 by Doug in Lincoln, NE

We have been using MISys with Quickbooks Enterprise for a little over two years now. We are a small manufacturing company that makes electronic assemblies. MISys is doing a great job managing our 2500 piece, and growing daily, inventory. The MRP functions are very powerful for a relatively simple piece of software. We plan our manufacturing 2-4 months out and use the MRP functions to manage the BOMs, procurement, and builds of all of our customer assemblies. Little bit of a learning curve, but nothing compared to SAP or Oracle that we had been around at other companies. The ability to integrate back to Quickbooks to manage the A/P and sales inventory makes for a very powerful system. We have numerous jobs that link to various accounts in Quickbooks that enables us track material and labor costs and variances as accurately as we wish to. All in all, a solid combination.

 by NA

Our company has been using MISys and QuickBooks together since 2007. The setup of MISys went smooth and we have had no serious issues to date. Inventory transfers always go without a hitch and costing is recorded accurately. MiSys support is always attentive to their customers and makes sure all their needs are met. I would highly recommend this program.

 by Mike O.

MISys is a great product for the price.

 by Timothy

Unrivaled technical support, easy learning curve.

 by Manufacturing Company

We are in the infant stage and feel it will do the job that a previous data base was doing (only better).

 by Chris T.

It is easy to use. Very intuitive interface. Interface into my accounting package is great. It shows actual transactions instead of "Transfer from Link" as some other packages do that say they integrate. I like the fact that we can add on modules as we need them and not have to buy something now that we won't be using.

 by Ruben

I am not fully implemented yet. Once I implement and run a few months I can truly recommend. This rating is for the current customer support and what I know about the system so far and it's flexibility.

 by John H.

We find it very useful for inventory control.

 by John H.

MISys delivers amazing service & support.

 by Amy C.

Reasonably priced program for our uses: inventory tracking, with ability for multi-level assemblies and lot tracking and transfers items to Quickbooks for sale.

 by Lynda

For small and medium business the growth point to instantiate an MRP system is a challenging one, but required to grow. MISys is the best of breed for this space. It paves the way for growing businesses to gain control over lead times, cost and cycle times. The integration with accounting packages also adds to its value extending company systems in a mature and robust manner.

 by Tim G.

It is a top notch manufacturing software. The developers really thought it through in the design, and the training and support has been great!

 by Amit
Improved quality

Overall rating:

We work with four different suppliers and it is important for us to be able to track each part back to the original manufacturer in cases where faulty parts affect the quality of our product. MISys allows us to do this and enables us to more easily troubleshoot and solve problems, which has made it possible for us to earn the quality assurance certification, ISO 9001.