Track Inventory Items by the Bin, Bale, Spool, Bolt, etc.

If your business requires that you keep your raw materials, sub-assemblies, or finished goods inventory in specific containers (bins, bales, bolts, etc.), the optional Bin Tracking module allows you to maintain a unique inventory sub-location for every item or assembly.


  • Keep raw materials, sub-assemblies or finished goods inventory in specific containers (Bins).
  • Assign specific Bin locations for items.
  • Pre-Assign Bin locations or use the Deferred or Automatic Bin Assignment modes.
  • Record all bin-related transactions in the MISys Master Transaction Log.
  • Track the quantity of inventory items in each container.
  • Track bin locations through Purchase Orders, MO's and other functions within MISys.
  • Print bar-coded Bin labels (the Bar Coding module is required).

NOTE: Although MISys Basic Manufacturing supports an unlimited number of warehouse locations, Bin Tracking allows manufacturers to track the same inventory item at several physical locations within a common warehouse.