Of the 8000+ software installations we have performed, the most successful implementations came from businesses that did their homework! It boils down to these critical steps:

Define Goals
What are your pain points? And what would success look like? Invite others into the conversation and listen to multiple perspectives.

Get and Maintain Buy-In
Consider the impact on the organization and make sure you have buy-in from the top to bottom. Revisit and reinforce the commitment to a new software implementation every step of the way. If you don't have it, don't do it.

Don't "Buy the Brochure" - Get the Real Story
Most marketing materials make software seem about the same. They're not. Get a demo of the software. Ask the hard questions and make sure it meets your needs. Find what fits and what doesn't.

Assemble Your Implementation Team
This team will make sure that the software they selected will be implemented without surprises and on time. Everyone on the team will have an important role to play, but it will be vital to assign one very capable person with the time and authority to manage the implementation. If you're not confident that you have the proper expertise on staff, don't wing it. Consider outsourcing.

"Assemble Your Implementation Team"

This document is a great conversation starter and highlights the roles and responsibilities required for a smooth implementation.