Anywhere, Anytime Access

Extra data security. Professional IT services to maintain your software 24/7/365.

Hosting software “in the cloud” can be confusing – there are so many things to consider.  You should talk to your accountant, business advisor or IT professional when evaluating your options.

To make it a little easier, we’ve put together a short list of professional hosting services that we can recommend.  Each one is different, so be sure to read through the information on their page to see which one aligns with your business.

Utilizing their own data centers and technology, Right hosts applications on shared servers at a competitive price with a focus on software applications integrated with QuickBooks. Learn More

Leveraging Microsoft Azure data centers and technology, Noobeh provides private dedicated servers for any applications you need to host remotely, with a focus on accounting products such as QuickBooks and Sage 50 and the applications they connect with. Learn More

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), gotomyerp provides private dedicated servers for any and all applications you need to host remotely, including Sage 50, 300, QuickBooks and other mid-market products. Complete support, implementation and fully managed services are available. Learn More

Summit runs data centers in the US and in Canada to meet the needs of QuickBooks and Sage users, with dedicated servers for each client to manage their own environment as needed.

When you move your database to a CHP, give the service provider the contact information for our technical support staff to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Email contact is