MISys Manufacturing is a client/server application that can be hosted in the cloud. Hosting MISys with a Commercial Hosting Provider (CHP) will provide desktop virtualization so you can run MISys Manufacturing and your other software applications and access them anywhere, anytime.

While you may consider hosting your database with your brother-in-law who has some spare room on his server down in the basement, you will want to evaluate your options in terms of security, reliability, cost and service. We believe that the hosting providers listed here are very strong in all of those areas. If you are concerned about it, make sure that you ask a prospective host lots of questions until you are completely satisfied.

Commercial Hosting Providers (CHPs) provide application hosting services to end users, accountants, bookkeepers and other entities who wish to install and access their software via a remote hosting facility.

Below is a list of CHP's we have had experience with and whom we recommend:

Commercial Hosting ProviderQuickBooksSage 50 USSage 50 CANSage 300

When you move your database to a CHP, give the service provider the contact information for our technical support staff to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Email contact is