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Noobeh’s hosting on Azure servers are custom built for your business with all of the software you require to succeed and grow your business. Compared to shared service platforms, it’s like comparing a private beach to a public pool.

  • Azure Platform Offers Unparalleled Adaptability and Scalability
  • Private Tenant Deployment Improves Security
  • Deploy using your SQL licenses or rent CALs
  • Connect using Remote Desktop, Remote App, or Browser Only (client-less)
  • Completely Customized Cloud Fits Your Operation
  • Affordable and Predictable Pricing Based on Server Configuration
  • Pricing based on server config and concurrent user access
  • No per-application fees

A Division of Mendelson Consulting - Provides business software, consulting and implementation services.


We called Joanie Mann from Noobeh's Cloud Services Division and asked her a few questions about MISys and Noobeh's hosting services. 

Q. How long has Noobeh been around?

A. Mendelson Consulting has been around for almost 30 years and was actually Intuit’s first QuickBooks Enterprise reseller. A few years ago the company put their own infrastructure on Microsoft Azure and began deploying Azure services for their IT consulting clients. I’ve got about 25 years’ experience in commercial application hosting; I joined about 3 years ago to be the director of the Noobeh cloud services division which focuses on helping businesses move their applications and IT infrastructure to the Azure cloud.

Q. How do you take an on-premise solution like MISys and put it “in the cloud.”

A. Instead of installing the software on PCs and servers at the customer’s location, we install the applications and manage the data on cloud servers. We setup the cloud environment as private for each customer (in their own tenant account and not ours) so that they can have whatever applications and services they need. The software is installed and all applications are run on the cloud server and not on the local PCs, which makes management and administration a lot cleaner and easier.

Q. What is the user experience like?

A. The experience is just like running the applications on the local systems – it is still a Windows environment. Users login to the cloud server and launch their programs and operate them just like normal. The difference is that everything is running securely on the cloud server and not on the local PC, so you don’t have to worry about hardware or installation problems with the local computers. You can print to your local printers, and you can even use Mac computers with no problem.

Q. What other kinds of software do you host?

A. Because the systems are Windows, just about any Windows-based application will work on the cloud platform.  Besides MISys, we host a lot of accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage and the add-ons and plug-ins that work with those solutions, inventory and EDI solutions and more. The environments we build for our clients are completely private and totally customizable, so there is a wide variety of software running on the various customer servers.

Q. Have you found anything unique about manufacturers?

A. The big issues with manufacturers are stability and performance. Where other businesses might tolerate changes in the environment or fluctuating speeds, our manufacturing customers just want things to work – well and consistently. They can’t tolerate downtime and lost productivity, so the systems and the performance have to be predictable and stable.

Q. What makes Noobeh different from other host providers?

A. Well, I’ve been involved in application hosting for many years and have helped a lot of service providers, and the thing that I’m done with is hardware. Most hosts buy or lease their servers and networks and set them up in datacenters. They share the infrastructure among many customers because it allows them to spread the cost out. This sharing of servers, networks and storage creates risk like with malware or ransomware. It gets in to one part of the network and then it gets to everything. Sharing also creates arbitrary limitations on what applications or services can be run.

We only do private deployments and we use the Microsoft Azure platform. Azure gives us massive scalability, redundancy, agility and security… its running in Microsoft datacenters on Microsoft-managed hardware so the resources are always up-to-date and of the most modern architecture. This allows our customers to benefit from amazing datacenter security and network connectivity and eliminates worries about random hardware failures. Microsoft keeps the platform secure and operating so we can focus on the customer deployment.

Each customer operates in their own Microsoft account, not ours, so there isn’t any sharing of resources with other customers. The entire delivery is completely customized for the customer, sized for their requirements and set up to handle whatever applications they need.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that a customer could choose to manage their own environment because it is their system, we’re just managing it on their behalf. We can turn over the keys to them because everything is set up in their Microsoft account. If they want us to manage things but they still want to be able to install software or make other changes, we can do that too.