Track Time by Employee or Workcenter

Labor Tracking keeps track of the elapsed time your production workers spend on selected Jobs and Manufacturing Orders. It automatically posts the specified quantity of any labor resourcetype Item to the Job or Manufacturing Order. Labor Tracking may be run on any PC or mobile device where labor time needs to be recorded.

Track employee time or workcenter time. Need mobile? Ask about MISys EXT.


  • MISys Labor Tracking communicates directly with the MISys Server module.
  • There is no requirement that the MISys Client module be installed on the same computer.
  • Connect once to pick up all Resource Items, Locations, Jobs and Mfg. orders for the specified MISys company database.
  • Record employee activity from any PC until ready to Post to MISys Manufacturing.
  • Set up Resource-type items in Item master to represent various labor rates and related overtime options.
  • Charge the cost of the item (labor) to a specified Job or MO.
  • Track specific employees at either a specific rate and location, or by any labor rate, or any location.
  • Use the timer to record elapsed time for a specified Employee/Labor Item/Location.
  • Allows for pauses and for recording comments.
  • Establish alternative items (labor rates) to automatically switch to overtime rates after a specified number of timed hours.
  • Operate manually as an alternative.
  • Retain option of manually approving time sheet entries by switching off Auto-approve option.
  • Post Time Sheet entries, two options:
    - Dispense a resource item (labor) from a Location against a specified Job, OR
    - Dispenses a resource item (labor) from the material details of the specified MO. If material details do not include the Item, it will be added automatically.
  • Archive Time Sheet entries in a date-named data file.
  • Export or Import Time Sheet entries to or from an external file.