Company Name: SKYDEX Technologies
Industry: Defense Sub-Contractor
Contact Pam Jamieson, Controller
Location: Centennial, CO
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks Enterprise and MISys Manufacturing

Description of the Business:
SKYDEX® Technologies, Inc. develops technological products to mitigate blasts, provide cushioning, absorb impacts and attenuate vibrations for a variety of applications including military vehicles and body armor.

Previous to purchasing MISys Manufacturing, what system(s) did you use to manage your manufacturing operation?
QuickBooks & Excel

What other systems did you consider before purchasing QME?
Skydex considered three possible solutions for tracking Inventory (names not available).

What challenges did you face in your business that led you to look for a manufacturing control system?
We use a number of subcontractors to manufacture our products. We retain ownership of the raw materials and the WIP located at the subcontractors' locations. In some cases, the WIP is transferred to one or more subcontractors for additional process. Quickbooks Enterprise was not able to track the inventory located at multiple locations nor allocate the manufacturing costs to those items, forcing us to manually track the inventory using spreadsheets. The company was growing quickly and we could not gain control of our inventory costs or locations. The year end audits revealed substantial variances in inventory quantities and values.

How did QuickBooks with MISys address the challenges you mentioned above? What specific solutions did QuickBooks with MISys bring to you?
We evaluated other solutions,chose MISys to augment Quickbooks as a total solution. We used the sample database from MISys to test proof of concept, rented software modules from MISys for 2 years before purchasing when cash flow was stable enough to buy. Implementation was easy,
additional personnel trained on-the- job.

What have the results been like? Have you quantified them in terms of ROI, order fulfillment, etc…?
We can now update and track inventory by different revision levels, and readily identify excess and obsolete inventory. The FYE audit found no variances in inventory levels or values. Purchasing and Inventory now has three persons and the additional two learned how to use MISys without any
formal training because of the ease of use of the system.

What was implementation like for you?
The MISys Sure Start Coach helped with the implementation. Skydex was soon working without spreadsheets and managing the inventory in multiple warehouses using the MISys system and Quickbooks Enterprise. Using Work Orders, Skydex was able to accurately allocate costs on items worked on by different subcontractors.

Do you have any recommendations to someone considering QME as a solution?
SKYDEX was investing in growth - inventory and receivables – and didn't have the cash to purchase a manufacturing system. The monthly rental option offered by MISys really made a difference – we got what we needed, when we needed it, at a price we could afford.