Take control of your inventory with MISys Manufacturing software, designed specifically for manufacturers looking to manage their QuickBooks inventory with ease.

Our optional hand-held barcoding system (MISys EXT) allows you to maintain detailed inventory data, recording stock status for all inventoried items and tracking inventory in multiple locations. Choose decimal precision for fractional quantities and costs, maintain inventory levels with minimum, maximum, and reorder points, and instantly display transaction history, where-used (BOM implosion), and outstanding order status.

With MISys Manufacturing, you can embed detailed item notes or attach a word processing document and picture to any item record, associate a unique set of general ledger accounts with each item, or class of items, and transfer manufacturing sub-ledger entries to a General Ledger at fiscal period end. You can also maintain resources such as supplies, labor, and overhead, identify any number of qualified suppliers and manufacturers with any item, and track standard, average, recent, FIFO, LIFO, and last supplier costs.

Our software allows you to import and export data from/to other systems to speed setup and data analysis, track quantity and cost history for each item, value stock on hand, in reserve, in WIP, and on order instantly, and view stock status at an unlimited number of stocking locations. You can also roll-up standard costs automatically and revalue inventory at any time.

MISys Manufacturing software is designed to grow as you grow. When you need additional power, simply plug in a new MISys Manufacturing module. Our advanced functionality includes:

  • Basic Manufacturing - Control QuickBooks inventory levels of raw material and WIP, use multi-level bills of material, revise BOM's, conduct physical inventory cycle counting, and process production work orders.
  • Advanced Purchasing - AAnalyze material shortages and automatically create all of the purchase orders needed to replenish inventory.
  • Advanced Production - Predict the cost of every job and track performance as manufacturing orders for standard assemblies or special one-off items move through the shop.
  • Material Requirements Planning - Determine purchasing and production needs by analyzing current inventory, open orders and sales orders to spot impending shortages and respond by creating purchase and production orders.
  • Shop Floor Control - Accurately predict production costs based on estimated material, labor, and overhead, and then analyze the actual production costs.
  • Serial/Lot Tracking - Track serial or lot numbers throughout the entire purchasing and production process to comply with strict regulatory agency requirements, including FDA and FAA.
  • Bin Tracking - Maintain a unique inventory sub-location for every item or assembly as raw materials, sub-assemblies, or finished goods in specific containers.
  • Labor Tracking - Track the elapsed time production workers spend on selected Jobs and Manufacturing Orders and automatically post to the Manufacturing Order.
  • Bar Coding - Print and collect bar coded data with hardware and software provided by MISys to seamlessly integrate with inventory control functions.
  • Custom Reporting - If your needs are modest and your expertise is limited, then you can use MISys Query to create a quick report without having to learn about relational databases.
  • Mobile Alerts - Send critical alerts to smart phones or any mobile device capable of receiving wireless email messages.

With MISys Manufacturing software, you can streamline your QuickBooks inventory management processes, improve accuracy and efficiency, and grow your manufacturing business with confidence.