MISys Manufacturing Integration Intuit QuickBooks Online FAQs

How does MISys Manufacturing integrate with QuickBooks Online?

MISys Manufacturing uses the Quickbooks Online REST API provided by Intuit for direct interaction between the two products. We are utilizing the OAuth 2.0 industry-standard protocol to handle authorization between MISys and QuickBooks Online.

What QuickBooks Online Product Regions are supported?

At this time, MISys Manufacturing only integrates with the United States & Canadian regions.

Will the on-premise version of MISys Manufacturing integrate with QuickBooks Online?

Yes. If you want to have MISys Manufacturing installed on hardware located in your facility, you have that option and it will not affect the integration with QuickBooks Online.

Is the hosted, cloud version of MISys Manufacturing different from the on-premise version?

No. The functionality of the software is exactly the same. The difference is that you will access MISys Manufacturing software using remote desktop software that is loaded on your computer.

How do General Ledger Accounts map between MISys Manufacturing and QuickBooks Online?

In order for Sales Transfers, Purchase Order Invoices, and Period End to keep proper accounting in QuickBooks Online, all MISys Manufacturing GL Accounts referenced in any MISys Manufacturing Account Set must exist in QuickBooks Online. The default set of GL Accounts that MISys Manufacturing creates with any new company database are designed to be compatible with QuickBooks Online – they either correspond to standard QuickBooks Online GL Accounts or are non-interfering (aren’t normally created by QuickBooks Online). MISys Manufacturing provides a facility to check and automatically create any needed GL Accounts in QuickBooks Online.

How do QuickBooks Online Inventory Items map to MISys Manufacturing Inventory Items?

MISys Manufacturing Inventory Items (referred to as Mfg Inventory items), including Assembled and non-Assembled Items, can be mapped to QuickBooks Online Inventory Items. The Item numbers do not have to be the same in each database, although they commonly are the same in each. MISys Manufacturing can create this mapping by either importing one or more QuickBooks Online Items into MISys Manufacturing, exporting one or more MISys Manufacturing Items into QuickBooks Online, or by mapping MISys Manufacturing Items to existing QuickBooks Online Items. For importing and exporting, MISys Manufacturing requires the user to select a template item (in QuickBooks Online for exporting or in MISys Manufacturing for importing) which facilitates setting standard Item properties such as reorder levels, accounts to use, parent item, etc. when new items are created.

How do I transfer finished manufactured items from MISys Manufacturing to QuickBooks Online?

There are several facilities within MISys Manufacturing that allow automated transfer of completed manufactured items to the QuickBooks Online Sales Inventory. You can use MISys Manufacturing’s ‘Replenish Sales Inventory’ function to automatically detect shortages in QuickBooks Online based on one of three factors in the QuickBooks Online data, and then easily transfer quantities based on a selected Restore point. You can also use MISys Manufacturing Direct Stock Sales Transfers to transfer user-specified quantities of a MISys Manufacturing Inventory Item (including part types or assembled types) to QuickBooks Online Sales Inventory. A third way is to use the ‘Transfer to Sales’ function from a MISys Manufacturing production order (Work Order or Manufacturing Order) to transfer quantities of the finished goods being built on the Order to QuickBooks Online.

All of the above transfers to QuickBooks Online work in the same way from an accounting perspective. They all create a pair of transactions in QuickBooks Online. First a Bill of Receipt is created for the Items transferred in QuickBooks Online against a special MISys Manufacturing vendor. This results in liability in Accounts Payable and increases the asset accounts in QuickBooks Online for the corresponding QuickBooks Online sales items. MISys Manufacturing then immediately credits the Bill via a full Discount in a corresponding Vendor Credit against the same MISys Manufacturing vendor. The Credit offsets the discount using the ‘Checking’ account in QuickBooks Online. The Vendor Credit results in the Bill of Receipt marked as paid and AP liability reduced appropriately. The ‘Sales Transfer Control’ control account ends up with credit equal to total amount of bill.

A subsequent Period End balances the accounts by debiting the ‘Sales Transfer Control’ control account.

Can I create MISys Manufacturing Work Orders or Manufacturing Orders from QuickBooks Online Sales Estimates or Sales Receipts?

Yes, you can use MISys Manufacturing’s ‘Process Sales Orders’ function to create MISys Manufacturing Work Orders or Manufacturing Orders based on QuickBooks Online Sales Estimates and/or Sales Receipts. This function reads QuickBooks Online Sales Estimates and Sales Receipts based on the ‘Order Date’ field and then displays the Estimates/Receipts using the Ship Date field from the Estimate/Receipt in QuickBooks Online (or uses the Order Date if Ship Date is left blank in QuickBooks Online). Any resulting production orders created in MISys Manufacturing will default the Completion Date on the MISys Work Order/Manufacturing Order to match the Ship Date displayed in ‘Process Sales Orders.’

MISys Manufacturing also provides a drilldown from a Work Order or Manufacturing Order so that the linked Sales Estimate/Receipt can be displayed directly in the QuickBooks Online.

Can I transfer MISys Manufacturing Manufactured Items to QuickBooks Online based on QuickBooks Online ‘On Sales Estimate’ levels?

Yes. If you don’t need to link Sales Estimates to Work Orders or Manufacturing Orders, or you just need to build to order without linking to a specific Sales Estimate in QuickBooks Online, you can use MISys Manufacturing’s ‘Replenish Sales Inventory’ function to automatically detect shortages in QuickBooks Online based on QuickBooks Online ‘On Sales Estimate’ levels for one or more items.

How do I coordinate MISys Manufacturing Purchase Order transactions (e.g. item receipts) with invoicing in QuickBooks Online?

To facilitate common Vendor/Supplier information, MISys Manufacturing can import Vendors from QuickBooks Online as MISys Manufacturing Suppliers.

When you do a PO Item receipt in MISys Manufacturing, MISys Manufacturing creates Period End subledger records that refer to the PO Number and Supplier name to facilitate coordination with invoices entered in QuickBooks Online. Specifically, the MISys Manufacturing a sub-ledger entry for a PO receipt charges the associated cost for the Item on the PO and the variance to the Item cost in general ledger accounts as determined in the interface configuration.

Received items costs are tallied in the ‘PO Liability’ control account, which by default is set to Account No. 2016 ‘Mfg PO Liability’. If necessary, the price variance is tallied in the ‘Purchase Price Variance’ control account, which by default is set to Account No. 5416 ‘Mfg Purchase Price Variance’. The sum of these debits are offset by a credit to the ‘PO Receipt’ control account, which is by default set to Account No. 2014 ‘Mfg Accounts Payable’. Any of these control accounts can be set to a different account depending on the style of use in QuickBooks Online.

MISys Manufacturing also provides the capability to Invoice against a PO Receipt. When you perform a PO Invoice operation in MISys Manufacturing, a Bill of Receipt is automatically created in QuickBooks Online with the payee set to the correct Vendor for the PO. Expense lines are used, rather than Inventory Item lines, since the Item No. on the Purchase Order need not exist in the QuickBooks Online Sales Inventory. If the MISys Manufacturing Supplier does not exist in QuickBooks Online, you can set MISys Manufacturing to automatically create a corresponding Vendor in QuickBooks Online before the Bill of Receipt is created. MISys Manufacturing credits the standard Accounts Payable account in QuickBooks Online for the Bill which is offset by a debit to the ‘PO Receipt’ control account. MISys Manufacturing also allows adding a reference on the Bill of Receipt created for an Invoice; it can be set to refer either to the PO No. in MISys Manufacturing or the actual Invoice No.

Note that after performing both a PO Invoice and then a Period End, the ‘PO Receipt’ account will have been zeroed.

Does MISys Manufacturing support the use of the multi-currency capability in QuickBooks Online?

Yes, with MISys Manufacturing you can create POs to Suppliers/Vendors that use a different currency from the ‘home’ currency. For example, if the ‘home’ currency in both MISys Manufacturing and QuickBooks Online is set for U.S. Dollars, you can create a PO to purchase items from a Supplier/Vendor that uses Canadian Dollars as their source currency. In order to use multi-currency with QuickBooks Online, both MISys Manufacturing and QuickBooks Online must have multi-currency enabled and the defined home currency in each application must be the same.

With multi-currency capability enabled, MISys Manufacturing currencies and rates are automatically updated from QuickBooks Online whenever the user refreshes the rates in MISys Manufacturing by clicking Tools | Update Currency Rates from QuickBooks Online. MISys Manufacturing will properly set the currency for any imported Suppliers from QuickBooks Online. MISys Manufacturing will properly set the QuickBooks Online currency for any Vendors it creates in QuickBooks Online. MISys Manufacturing PO Invoices created in QuickBooks Online will use amounts and tax amounts in source currency of the PO.

Can I track manufacturing activities by Jobs in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online provides a mechanism called Classes to allow filtering/organizing accounting reports by a specific Class – this matches the use of Jobs in MISys Manufacturing.

When a user performs a Period End in MISys Manufacturing, and has ledger entries that refer to MISys Manufacturing jobs, MISys Manufacturing automatically creates an associated QuickBooks Online Class for each MISys Manufacturing Job and references that Class in the sub-ledger entry MISys Manufacturing creates in QuickBooks Online.

Can I coordinate Serial/Lot Tracking information with QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online does not have specific functionality designed to support Serial/Lot tracking. However, MISys Manufacturing has the ability to add appropriate Serial/Lot number information to a QuickBooks Online Sales Estimate/Receipt when Items are transferred from MISys Manufacturing to QuickBooks Online.

This is done through the creation of new Comment lines on Sales Estimates/Receipts in QuickBooks Online linked when processing the Sales Transfer in MISys Manufacturing to reflect the quantity of each applicable Serial/Lot Numbers being transferred. Each individual Serial or Lot Number being transferred will be recorded on a corresponding Comment line on the QuickBooks Online Sales Estimate/Receipt.

When does MISys Manufacturing automatically create Vendors in QuickBooks Online?

  1. MISys Manufacturing will automatically create a non-existing Vendor in QuickBooks Online that matches the MISys Manufacturing Supplier in the following two cases:
    When performing a PO Invoice against a MISys Manufacturing Supplier and the ‘Auto-create Supplier’ checkbox is checked. Note that in order to post a PO Invoice to QuickBooks Online it must refer to a Vendor. So, if this checkbox is unchecked and the Vendor does not exist in QuickBooks Online, an error message indicating the Supplier is missing will be displayed.
  2. When performing a Period End and the Accounting integration option for Period End Consolidation is set for ‘None (Full Detail)’ and there is a pending PO transaction to be posted. This is necessary so the QuickBooks Online general ledger entry created for the PO transaction will properly refer to the appropriate QuickBooks Online Vendor.

Does MISys Manufacturing support integration with Multiple Locations in QuickBooks Online?

Yes. QuickBooks Online Plus edition adds the capability to specify multiple possible Locations where inventory stock can be sold from in QuickBooks Online.

In order to use this functionality, the use of Multi-Locations must be enabled both in QuickBooks Online and in MISys Manufacturing.

When MISys Manufacturing detects that Multi-Locations are enabled, and the corresponding option is enabled in MISys, several MISys Manufacturing forms are enhanced with additional settings and functionality to take advantage of the multiple Locations in QuickBooks Online. This includes the ability to map MISys Manufacturing Locations to Locations in QuickBooks Online. Sales Estimates/Receipts can also be read by QuickBooks Online Location when using ‘Process Sales Orders’ or the ‘Master Production Schedule’ in MISys Manufacturing.