MISys Manufacturing for Auto Parts

MISys has a number of customers in the Auto Parts business, and offers a number of features that are very difficult to find in the small business market. For auto manufacturers, it all starts with Material Requirements Planning. Since the auto industry relies heavily on EDI based ordering and forecasting, auto manufacturers need a tool that can process the huge volume of EDI information and make production and purchasing recommendations based on a time-phased plan. And, by integrating with your accounting system, we can take firm orders right out of your accounting system’s sales order entry module without forcing you to change the way your orders are received at all.

Even if you don’t use EDI at this time, MISys still helps to simplify your decision making process by giving you the tools to maintain accurate inventory at all times, to keep a production schedule, and to make sure that you always know in advance whether your customers will be getting their order in full and on time.


module_icon_smallBasic Manufacturing

Provides basic inventory control capabilities, costing, work orders, accounting system integration and more.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Purchasing

Allows creation of MISys-integrated purchase orders which can be generated automatically.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Production

Predict the cost of every job and track performance as manufacturing orders for standard assemblies or special one-off items move through the shop.

module_icon_smallMaterial Requirements Planning

Allows you to process all Sales Orders in accounting as well as any sales forecasts provided by your customers in order to determine what your raw material and production needs are through time. It can then automatically generate time phased purchase and production orders.

module_icon_smallShop Floor Control

If you need to schedule and track production through multiple work centers on your shop floor.