MISys Manufacturing for Chemicals

MISys Manufacturing software offers all the functionality a Chemicals manufacturing business needs today. Experience how MISys Manufacturing software delivers on its promise to turn your accounting software into an Industrial-Strength Manufacturing System.

We've looked at our Chemicals manufacturing customers and found that they typically require the following MISys Manufacturing software modules (see below). Of course YOU are the ultimate configurator! Your company might have size needs and unique process that require additional functionality, but this is a great place to start considering your requirements.


module_icon_smallBasic Manufacturing

Basic Manufacturing is the starting point for Chemicals manufacturers. It is the core of MISys Manufacturing software and will allow you to manage inventory levels of raw material and work in progress (WIP). Use multi-level bills of material (BOM), revise BOMs, conduct physical inventory cycle counting, and process production work orders.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Purchasing

Include Advanced Purchasing functionality to analyze material shortages and automatically create all of the purchase orders needed to replenish inventory.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Production

Predict the cost of every job and track performance as manufacturing orders for standard assemblies or special one-off items move through the shop.

module_icon_smallSerial / Lot Tracking

A must-have in Chemicals. Track serial or lot numbers throughout the entire purchasing and production process to comply with strict regulatory agency requirements, including FDA and FAA.