MISys Manufacturing for Electronics

Whether you’re looking for a system to elegantly handle a massive parts database with easy lookup and drilldown, or a way to simplify the planning and ordering process, MISys has you covered. Highlights include support for unlimited supplier and manufacturer part numbers (along with your own internal part numbers), room for specific electronics assembly information such as reference designators on BOMs, alternate items, and time phased material requirements planning.

This simple MISys system configuration can, for most electronics manufacturers, eliminate the tedious and time consuming process of managing inventory and planning purchasing and production. Explore MISys now, and find out how to turn your accounting system into a full-fledged Electronics Manufacturing solution!


module_icon_smallBasic Manufacturing

Basic Manufacturing: Provides basic inventory control capabilities, costing, work orders, accounting system integration and more.

module_icon_smallAdvanced Purchasing

Allows you to generate purchase orders, including supplier and manufacturer part number, based on material needs.

module_icon_smallMaterial Requirements Planning

Identifies shortages long in advance and tells you what items you’ll need and when you’ll need them, both for purchasing and production. Then, using the Advanced Purchasing Module, it will automatically generate time-phased purchase orders to get you what you need, when you need it. It can also generate time phased production orders as well. No matter how complex your products, MISys MRP can give you the answers!

Potential Add-Ons for Electronics Manufacturers:

    • Serial Lot Tracking: If you need to maintain traceability information for your components and finished products.
    • Shop Floor Control: If you need to schedule and track production through multiple work centers on your shop floor.