Company Name: Advanced Kiosks
Industry: Kiosks, Electronics, Technology
Location: Concord, NH
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Kiosks Manufacturer in Concord, NH Finds Inventory Control With MISys Manufacturing Add-on for QuickBooks

There was a lack of inventory management throughout the company which meant our scheduled production runs were disrupted, customer quotes were not accurate, and department costs were rising which would have a negative effect on our next audit. We needed to get a handle on our inventory.

We connected Quickbooks with MISys Manufacturing and standardized the way we ID'd our parts. This took some effort, but when it was complete everything was organized and easier to process. Suddenly we were computing customer orders with ease and accuracy. Our production schedule was clear and concise and we now had visibility into what was going out, coming back, and what needed to be ordered and when.


  • Cut PO processing time.  Highlighted things to do, increasing focus on the right things.
  • The software allowed us to be able to negotiate better terms with suppliers and proactively manage the supply chain.
  • An easy professional onboarding experience which created a personal connection with MISys.
  • Provided our customers with their kiosks faster and more productively, preventing hold up on orders and the waiting of parts based on proper inventory.
  • Created more accurate inventory for future audits.
  • Proper quoting for Sales department enabled negotiating with more accuracy and confidence.