Company Name: Agpro Inc.
Industry: Waste Management Equipment
Location: Paris, TX
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Challenge: Agpro® Inc. has been manufacturing waste management equipment for commercial farming facilities since 1962. A growing manufacturer, Agpro® Inc. now serves facilities spanning the United States and overseas and furnishes facilities in climates as diverse as the Arabian Desert and the Alaskan tundra. As the company expanded, they needed to find a more efficient system of managing inventory. The spreadsheets they had relied on in the past could not handle their increased inventory and accounting needs. Agpro® Inc. initially found QuickBooks. They liked the simplicity of the QuickBooks accounting system, but found that it was not powerful enough to generate profit and loss statements that reflected actual cost, relying instead on average pricing.

Solution: MISys Manufacturing provided Agpro® Inc. the extra power they needed without adding to the complexity of their bookkeeping system. By seamlessly integrating with Agpro® Inc.’s existing QuickBooks software, MISys made it easy for even the newest employees to use the system without causing irreversible damage to the accounting system. By using MISys, Agpro® Inc. was also able to generate profit and loss statements that accurately reflected their costs.

As they learned more about the system, Agpro® Inc. discovered other benefits. According to Agpro Inc. purchasing manager Larry Cox, the greatest benefit to using MISys is that the software is always evolving. “Each update makes the program more efficient and easier to use,” says Cox. “I particularly like the latest update, which provides a display of the cost/ item list. You don’t have to open up the item list or search for the department number anymore because more information is displayed on the main page.”


  1. Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  2. More accurate manufacturing cost reports
  3. Simpler Inventory reports
  4. Useful updates