Company Name: By The Yard
Industry: Patio Furniture
Location: Minnesota
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Challenge: By the Yard is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of maintenance-free outdoor patio furniture and accessories. As a burgeoning company managing full manufacturing processes, By the Yard was rapidly growing out of the Excel spreadsheets they had historically used to track inventory. By the Yard relied on QuickBooks for their accounting needs so they sought a solution that would communicate effortlessly with their other software packages while solving their inventory dilemma.

bytheyardSolution: In 2009, By the Yard purchased MISys Manufacturing software. They found that MISys provided what they needed for inventory tracking and general manufacturing resource planning (MRP) in a software package that integrated well with their QuickBooks and other reporting software. In addition, they discovered that MISys helped them meet their goals for best practices in production.

According to By the Yard General Manager, Quint Thocher, “MISys supports best practices in a way that most MRP systems do not.” Because many MRP systems are customizable, smaller companies often alter the system software to mimic their own processes. MISys accommodates the needs of smaller manufacturers while providing a structure that encourages best practices. “Most small businesses do not start out with best practices,” says Quint, “so this is a valuable feature.”

Results: Aside from its support of best practices, MISys Manufacturing software has helped By the Yard gain greater control over their inventory, streamline their manufacturing operations, and develop more accurate and flexible reports. With more effective organizational tools, By the Yard saves time and money, which they can use to grow their business.