Company Name: CACI - Ticom Geomatics
Industry: Geolocation and ISR Systems
Location: Austin, TX
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Department of Defense Agencies Pleased by Effective Inventory Management

MISys Manufacturing material control ensures continued work for government contractor

CACI - Ticom Geomatics manufactures geolocation and ISR systems for the Department of Defense (DOD). The DOD has very specific requirements for the manufacturing processes used to construct their systems and conduct regular audits to assess the integrity of each project. According to Gordie Brandt, the production systems quality manager for CACI – Ticom Geomatics, “If we’re not able to prove that the components of each project are clearly separated from the others, the government auditing agencies will recommend we no longer be used as a vendor.

caci-ticom-geo-logoMISys enables CACI - Ticom Geomatics to track each component from its original supplier, through the receiving, production and delivery to customer processes. “Government auditors…are impressed by how well the system helps us conform to specific requirements (whether it’s ISO, FAR or AS-9000),” says Gordie. “One aerospace customer gave us a two-thumbs-up review based on a first article inspection of their product and our processes utilizing MISys for job procurement, material management and quality control.”

A MISys customer since 2009, CACI - Ticom Geomatics no longer worries about losing a government project due to poor inventory control. MISys enables them to prove that all government-owned components are segregated within their manufacturing software as well as within their facility. The DOD can rest assured that each system was manufactured using components that were procured specifically for them.