Company Name: EuroSort (Formerly United Sortation Solutions)
Industry: Material Handling
Location: Owings Mills, MD
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Description of the Business:
EuroSort has designed, prototyped, and manufactured hundreds of unique pieces of material handling equipment. These products are designed to meet specific elevation changes, product diverting, uniform product stacking/unstacking, selective linear product rotation, and sortation induction and receiving locations.

Previous to purchasing MISys Manufacturing, what system(s) did you use to manage your manufacturing operation?
QuickBooks, Excel spread sheets and an in-house MRP system.

What challenges did you face in your business that led you to look for a manufacturing control system?
A large three year purchase order from Northrop Grumman Corporation/USPS was the moment we realized the system being used was not capable of handling the large number of components and transactions required.

How did QuickBooks with MISys address the challenges you mentioned above? What specific solutions did QuickBooks with MISys bring to you?
MISys offered the capability to define the company’s needs to schedule large numbers of items over a long period of time and were able to continue to utilize QuickBooks as part of EuroSort's billing needs.

What have the results been like? Have you quantified them in terms of ROI, order fulfillment, etc…?
The cost of adding MISys Manufacturing to an existing accounting package is less expensive and less disruptive than moving to an entirely new system. No computer conversions or implementations are without pain or cost. Adding MISys Manufacturing to an existing accounting package is simpler, faster and less expensive than making a move to an all-in-one ERP system. The best-of-breed approach gives companies like EuroSort the most appropriate solutions, whereas an all-in-one ERP typically has some real weak spots.

What was implementation like for you?
Since EuroSort had MISys installed we were able to start using the software the same day. We continued to utilize its capability to compare costs from suppliers, keep track of Supplier Quality performance, and track the amounts of inventory that is kept on-hand.