Company Name: Inteprod LLC
Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing
Location: Eagleville, PA
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Description of the Business:
Inteprod is a Finished Product Contract Manufacturer providing comprehensive engineering and manufacturing and assembly solutions to leading Device Makers and emerging Innovators in the medical device, medical diagnostics, and food safety diagnostics industries. Inteprod takes on projects of all types and complexities and delivers high quality, value-added services that contribute to the successful commercialization of lifesaving and life changing medical and food safety products that significantly impact and enhance quality of life.

Previous to purchasing MISys Manufacturing, what system(s) did you use to manage your manufacturing operation?
Mostly with spreadsheets.

What problem/challenges were you trying to solve?
We only had Quick Books for Manufacturing and we were not able to print Manufacturing orders, pick lists, having separate stock locations for our material.

How did MISys address the challenges you mentioned above? What specific solutions did MISys bring to you?
We have been using Misys for 3 years, we have better control over our inventory which saves money, we can create pick list and manufacturing orders with give us control and we can qualify our BOMS for our quality control.

inteprodWhat has been the greatest surprise in using MISys (unexpected improvement)?
The ease of use and the control we now have over our inventory and supply chain.

Rank the top three benefits, features, and advantages your company has realized as a MISys customer.
Inventory Control, supply chain management, BOM Qualification.