Company Name: Kirkman Group
Industry: Nutritional supplements
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Challenge: KIRKMAN® Group manufactures nutritional supplements for individuals with special dietary requirements or sensitivities. KIRKMAN® originally relied on SYSPRO software to store and manage the data required and generated by their manufacturing processes. The software worked well, but did not integrate well with other accounting programs.

kirkmanSolution: In 2010, KIRKMAN® switched to a combination of MISys Manufacturing and QuickBooks software. The combination was less expensive than the older system, but the real surprise for KIRKMAN® was the superior technical support offered by MISys.

“The technical support we receive from MISys is fantastic,” says KIRKMAN® Inventory Control Coordinator, Rick Levine. “When I send an email to their technical support team, someone gets back to me quickly. Other technical support teams I have worked with were inconsistent about returning calls and sometimes it would take a week or two to get a response.”

According to Levine, the technical support MISys offers is one element of a larger post-sale customer support experience. MISys also offers live online Q&A sessions every week to help customers understand the various features of the software and troubleshoot problems. MISys also implements regular system upgrades, which are accompanied by a detailed upgrade description that keeps customers informed about changes to the system.

Results: Levine concedes that MISys has as many glitches as similar systems on the market. The difference between MISys and other manufacturing software manufacturers is that “MISys continues to support, maintain, and improve their software” after the sale. By offering timely troubleshooting support and consistently improving their software, MISys enables Levine to benefit from a wider range of applications and use the system more efficiently.