Company Name: Measurement Technology Northwest
Industry: Thermal Measurement & Line Control Products
Contact Kevin Bengston, Director of Operations
Location: Seattle, WA
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: MISys Manufacturing stand-alone

Streamlining Data and Manufacturing Systems Improves Customer Relationships and Savings

When Measurement Technology Northwest grew too big for their original organizational systems, they looked to MISys software to establish greater control over their inventory and manufacturing systems.

Challenge: Measurement Technology Northwest (MTNW) manufactures testing and measurement instrumentation systems and automated control programs for commercial, research, and government clients worldwide. In 2006, the company had grown too large to track their manufacturing processes using the system of Excel spreadsheets they had relied on in the past. The spreadsheets did not provide the organization or reporting they needed to plan ahead for bulk purchases of parts for current and upcoming projects.

We would release a project that was ready for order, and then a short while later would release another and realize we could have saved a lot on freight if we had been able to plan ahead and order the parts in bulk. – MTNW Director of Operations, Kevin Bengston

measurement-tech-nwSolution: MTNW chose MISys as a standalone material requirements planning (MRP) system to manage their manufacturing projects. MISys met all of their expectations for MRP and enabled them to develop custom reports for more accurate and comprehensive labor and stock tracking. To further improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes, MTNW based the organization of their facility's stock shelves on the structure developed within the MISys software.

Results: With better reporting tools, MTNW is able to track the precise parts and labor used in each product. According to Kevin, "MISys has improved our documentation tenfold. Right down to the part level, we can see who has what, where, when, and how regarding the pieces of an individual project. We now know exactly what the customer received." When complications arise, MTNW is able to quickly determine the faulty part and respond to the customer's needs.

By providing a better system for organizing and reporting, MISys has helped MTNW save time and money and ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Improved documentation helps them consolidate purchasing and shipping activities, resulting in better purchasing decisions and savings through bulk purchases. Better stockroom organization saves MTNW time and money by streamlining their manufacturing processes. With MISys, MTNW is able to serve their customers better and achieve greater savings for a better return on their investments.