Company Name: Schleifring North America
Industry: Electrical Slip-rings
Location: Elgin, IL
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: Sage 50 Quantum Accounting and MISys Manufacturing

Challenge: Schleifring North America, a subsidiary of Schleifring und Apparatebau GmbH in Germany, develops and produces slip ring systems and contactless rotary joints. Initially, Schleifring relied on Sage accounting software and Excel spreadsheets to track manufacturing data but the two systems did not offer adequate reporting and data consolidation.

Solution: In 2011, Schleifring purchased MISys Manufacturing software. By simplifying data entry and intuitively organizing information for better reporting, MISys software helped the growing subsidiary improve the efficiency of their ordering, materials handling, purchasing, and production planning.

scheifring"I use MISys a lot for reporting and reconciling," says Schleifring accounting manager Sally Brown. "When we were using Sage, information was difficult to consolidate because some information was stored in Excel spreadsheets while other information existed only in the Sage system. I'm more comfortable with one system that controls the data flow to all of the other applications. MISys interfaces well with Sage and Excel, making this possible."

In addition, the MISys labor tracker has saved Schleifring both time and money. According to Sally, "Before MISys, Schleifring employees signed in with the time clock and we spent a lot of time making adjustments and applying labor costs in the accounting system. With the labor tracking module […], labor is entered into a manufacturing order and the information flows through the MISys system to the appropriate job."

Results: After nearly three years of experience with MISys software, Schleifring cites automatic costing as well as greater efficiency and accuracy as the top benefits they have realized as a MISys customer. These benefits result in fewer hours entering data and correcting inaccuracies.