Company Name: Seiffert Industrial
Industry: Laser Alignment Systems
Location: Richardson, TX
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Laser Alignment Systems Company Improves Efficiency Using MISys Bar Coding Software

Seiffert Industrial remains “lean and mean” with improved inventory accounting

Challenge: Seiffert Industrial, based just outside of Dallas Texas, specializes in precision laser alignment systems for an assortment of industries. During their early days, Seiffert Industrial used spreadsheets and QuickBooks software to track inventory but as the company grew, owner Bill Seiffert found that a lot of inventory was falling through the cracks.

“It was easy to lose things before,” says Seiffert, referring in particular to parts that are made to order. “We might get 200 parts in a shipment,” he says. “During our quality inspection, we might find that there are about 10 that are damaged.” Before using MISys, they often lost track of these damaged parts. Once they were sent back to the vendor to be fixed, the parts often went untracked.

customer-seiffert-industrial-logoSolution: MISys offers a variety of modules that enable manufacturers to customize the basic software package. Seiffert purchased the bar coding module and scanner to help them keep track of their overall inventory and, more importantly, to track damaged parts. Using the module, Seiffert Industrial is able to track every part as it arrives, when it leaves to be fixed by the machinist, and when it returns to their facility.

Results: “We’re a small manufacturing company and we like to be ‘lean and mean,’” says Seiffert. “That’s our motto.” According to Seiffert, MISys helps them stay true to their motto by offering their employees a simple tool for organizing and tracking a lot of information. Through better tracking, the software has improved their inventory accuracy and oversight, saving them time and worry as they achieve their production goals.