Company Name: Stages Cycling
Industry: Fitness Equipment
Location: Boulder, CO
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks Accounting and MISys Manufacturing Software

MISys Reduces Redundancy and Evolves with Manufacturing Needs

MISys Manufacturing Software keeps pace with sales and inventory of flourishing cycling technology

Challenge: When Stages Cycling of Boulder, CO was getting ready to launch the Stages Power meter, a crank-based device that directly measures a cyclist's effort for training purposes, they purchased MISys Manufacturing software at the outset, using it in combination with QuickBooks accounting software to maintain control of inventory and accounting as they ramped up production of their new product.

Stages Cycling uses MISys Manufacturing SoftwareSolution: As a burgeoning company, Stages Cycling needed to get up to speed fast and, according to operations manager, Barb Skinner, "Everyone in the company, from their production line to their administrators, found MISys easy to learn and use." As the product gained traction, the software's inventory management, cost tracking, and production history tracking applications supported and simplified the company's manufacturing processes. MISys Manufacturing software also helped Stages Cycling reduce redundancy in data entry. "Now, we can easily create work orders and there are many useful stock reports that are helpful for planning," says Skinner. "This saves time on the administrative side."

Results: As the Stages Power meter has gained exposure, production capacity and purchasing have flourished and grown in complexity. According to Skinner, "MISys has been able to scale up with us." She is confident that MISys will be able to keep pace with the Stages Power meter and continue to meet the needs of Stages Cycling as the company grows and evolves in the future.