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Manufacturer and Supplier of Equipment for Emergency Response Teams Earns Quality Assurance Certificate with Better Inventory Tracking Software

Woodstock, VT (1/6/2013) - First Line Technology, a certified manufacturer and supplier of out-of-the-box solutions for first responders and the military, purchased MISys Manufacturing software in 2008 to solve their inventory problems. In addition to gaining better inventory tracking, Fist Line Technology was able to earn their quality assurance certification, ISO 9001:2008, due to improved inventory tracking.

firstlinetechnologyAccording to Amit Kapoor, president and co-founder of First Line Technology, “We work with four different suppliers and it is important for us to be able to track each part back to the original manufacturer in cases where faulty parts affect the quality of our product. MISys allows us to do this and enables us to more easily troubleshoot and solve problems, which has made it possible for us to earn the quality assurance certification, ISO 9001:2008.”

One of the products First Line Technology was manufacturing in 2008 required twenty-two different parts, each of which was built using twenty-two sub parts. The large number of parts required in manufacturing created complications with inventory tracking.

Initially, First Line Technology relied on QuickBooks for their accounting needs, but found that the simple methods used by QuickBooks to track inventory did not enable them to track parts by project. In other words, they could not tell QuickBooks that they were building an ambulance and have all of the parts used for building the ambulance subtracted automatically from inventory. They also could not track each part back to its original manufacturer, which made it difficult for them to determine where faulty product came from.

MISys helped First Line Technology run their manufacturing processes more smoothly by simplifying inventory tracking, which helped them earn their ISO 9001:2008 certification. Better inventory tracking also helped them cut overspending on bulk purchases they had historically relied on to compensate for poor inventory control, and reduced hours lost on the production line by ensuring that all of the necessary parts were in stock. All of these factors contributed to a significant return on First Line Technology’s investment with MISys.

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