MISys Manufacturing Sets the Bar High for Post-Sale Customer Support

Speedy technical support, well-documented upgrades and live weekly Q&A sessions improve the user experience for MISys customers

Woodstock, VT (2/10/2014) - Nutritional supplement manufacturer KIRKMAN® Group purchased MISys Manufacturing software in 2010 because their original Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was not compatible with other accounting software. They discovered that MISys was not only less expensive, but offered them technical support and post-purchase benefits that continue to help them improve their experience with the software.

kirkman"The technical support we receive from MISys is fantastic," says KIRKMAN® Inventory Control Coordinator, Rick Levine. "When I send an email to their technical support team, someone gets back to me quickly. Other technical support teams I have worked with were inconsistent about returning calls and sometimes it would take a week or two to get a response."

According to Levine, the technical support MISys offers is one element of a larger post-sale customer support experience. MISys also offers live online Q&A sessions every week to help customers understand the various features of the software and troubleshoot problems.

That would seem to be enough, but MISys takes it a step further by improving the customer experience through regular upgrades to the system. "Not only are they useful upgrades," says Levine, "but when you get an upgrade, MISys sends information about what was changed or fixed during the upgrade. The upgrade itself is a plus and telling us (the users) what has been fixed or corrected is also a plus."

Levine admits that MISys has as many glitches as any other ERP system on the market. The difference between MISys and other manufacturing software manufacturers is that "MISys continues to support, maintain, and improve their software" well after the sale.

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MISys Manufacturing offers one of the lowest cost-of-ownership solutions for small manufacturers, while designed to grow with the success of industrial customers, offering a scalable solution which provides the needed additional power by simply plugging in a new module.MISys Manufacturing software products are sold directly by the company as well as hundreds of business partners in forty-eight countries. A privately held corporation headquartered in Woodstock, Vermont, MISys has more than 7,500 customers worldwide. MISys Manufacturing offers a comprehensive solution for all industries, with specific functionality for food & beverage, auto parts, industrial machinery, and plastics manufacturers. The software has evolved over 25 years to include powerful functionality required by manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, health & beauty, electronics, computer equipment and aerospace & defense industries. Comprehensive customer feedback has helped shape the technology to incorporate best practices to meet ISO certification requirements and lean manufacturing principles, at the most affordable price.

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