Sophisticated Inventory Reports Keep Manufacturing Processes Running Smoothly

MISys Manufacturing Eliminates the Inventory Miscalculations that Slow Down Production

Woodstock, VT (11/25/2013) - In 2010, Florida-based orthotics manufacturer BMI International purchased MISys Manufacturing software to help manage their inventory. Originally, they relied on QuickBooks Enterprise to keep track of supplies, but they found that QuickBooks was not able to keep up with their growing inventory. Inventory miscalculations led to lost production time and unshipped product.

bmi-intenrationalAccording to BMI International Operations Manager, Reb Sauls, “MISys is a very sophisticated product. The reports have saved me over and over. I never run out of supplies so I never lose time or money due to inventory miscalculations.”

With so many parts required in the orthotics manufacturing process, inventory miscalculations easily led to delays in production. Sauls, hoped to find a program that would integrate well with their QuickBooks program and provide a more sophisticated system to help with material replenishment planning.

A representative of QuickBooks suggested that Sauls bolster QuickBooks Enterprise software with MISys Manufacturing. After implementing the new program, Sauls found that MISys provided more useful reports that enabled him to run stock status reports that let him know when inventory reached minimum levels. This continues to help him develop an accurate production schedule and to order materials when inventory is low.

With MISys, BMI International is able to keep track of inventory levels for more accurate and timely reordering. MISys provides sophisticated reporting to help with material replenishment planning and reduces inventory miscalculations so manufacturing remains reliably on schedule.

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