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Central Nervous Systems
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 by Gabriela Barzagli-Cunniff, Financial Controller, Nutracap Holdings, LLC
Amazing support

Our company had been utilizing MISys for a few years when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the CNS team to implement the system for a new department. The CNS team demonstrated exceptional dedication in assisting us with any queries or obstacles we encountered, and their profound understanding of the system proved to be invaluable. Without their support, mastering the numerous features and capabilities of MISys would have been incredibly challenging. I'd like to extend a special appreciation to Arda, with whom I had the privilege of overcoming and resolving challenges that required us to engage in marathon 12-hour meetings. The CNS team is very reliable, and we count on them continuously.

 by Ryan Pemberton, Scanivalve
CNS helped us do it "right"

We have been running dedicated MRP systems for over 30 years. We design and manufacture high mix, low volume, precision instrumentation. We manufacture and sell a blend of made-to-order and made-to-stock items. 2 years ago, we transitioned to a new MRP system with no outside support. The learning and implementation phase was protracted and disorganized. Once we “went live” with the new system it was immediately clear that it would not be a sustainable long-term solution for us. Within 6 months of running our new system I began researching alternatives.

Our efforts highlighted that MISys was obviously the best fit for us. Because of how fresh the pain of the prior transition was, we committed to doing this implementation better. CNS was recommended to us by two separate sources and within one conversation with CNS it was clear that they were the right group to help us properly and effectively implement MISys. Their experience and organization helped us to not only implement MISys, but to adapt our processes to maximize the potential of MISys and streamline our overall operation. Throughout the process Arda at CNS was responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. Going through a major MRP transition, while updating data and implementing new processes will always be an exhausting, often grueling process. In the midst of the most difficult points, having CNS on our ‘team’ kept us focused and efficiently moving forward.

I’ve worked with contract services in a variety of capacities over the years and none have been as responsive and universally knowledgeable as CNS. I’ve now implemented an MRP system with and without outside help and I cannot imagine doing it alone again. We have a functional MRP system, tailored for us, and my people are trained and operating it effectively within 2 days of “going live.”

 by Terry Tronrud, Purchasing, Quality, and I.T Manager, Imperial Steel
A fantastic addition to our company

Imperial Steel purchased MISys back in 2019. The ancient software we used before this had worked for us for many years. The company had grown so much that we had to find something better to help us in determining what our material requirements were. I started working with Matt Lovett. Now that we got it up and running, i cannot believe the old software we used to use. We used to have to manually figure out how much steel we needed to figure out our requirements. Very frustrating, because there are days where we consume over 250,000 lbs of steel in a day. Now not only can i run a report and see where my shortages are, i can also see every pound of steel we have at 5 different suppliers in about 30 seconds. Also, I can order steel from my suppliers in a couple clicks. This is FANTASTIC!!! Also the manufacturing department is loving it with the precise production reports we had out weekly for them to complete. There are so many different ways you can use the crystal reports to get the information you need and be much more productive with your day. Matt was amazing at helping me get the crystal reports I needed to make my job extremely faster and a lot simpler to work with. Although, I am now the "go-to" guy for information now, I love it because its so easy to give them the information they require in a short time. I highly recommend CNS to help you get this up and running. You will never look back!!!

 by Jordan Harris, Hawkeye Industries Inc.
A Canadian Solution

After buying MISys in early 2018, our implementation stalled after about 20 months. There was scope creep, analysis paralysis and challenges in peculiarities in which business differs from the US to Canada. Enter CNS in February 2020 and with their expert help we went live in March of 2021 starting over essentially from scratch. Their team of subject matter experts, not just in software but in operations management and accounting made configuring, deploying and training a breeze. I can say unequivocally that without MISys and the ongoing support of CNS, we would not have been able to manage and maintain the manufacturing throughput to service these busy post-Covid years we've had.

 by Justin Sailors
MISys Great Lakes Potato Chips Project

Great Lakes Potato Chips worked with Central Nervous Systems over the last five months to plan and implement our MRP program MISys Manufacturing. We exclusively worked with Arda Akoglu on learning this software and he went through great lengths to make sure our launch was smooth and successful. He was patient and took the time to repeat topics that needed a bit more explanation. He applied the software to our product directly, which made it easier to understand. CNS was prompt and professional in navigating the entire process with our team. We were able to launch MISys on time with minimal hiccups and Arda made this large project one we could manage. We would recommend CNS to any company looking to add value to their business through an MRP program.
Justin Sailors
Great Lakes Potato Chips Co.
Plant Improvement Specialist

 by Benjamin Madow, Silver Forest Inc.
Indispensable expertise

The CNS team provided us with indispensable expertise in our migration to MiSys Manufacturing. Their knowledge of MiSys and manufacturing systems is second to none.

As an ongoing support resource for us, CNS’s extremely helpful ‘can do’ attitude has made for a first class business relationship. The team has always provided an extremely prompt service, they have been ready, willing and able to assist when called upon.

 by Brenda Walker, Wegu Manufacturing
The MISys Wizards

We have been using the MISys software for many years and we have never been using it to its fullest potential. When it was time for an upgrade we decided that if we wanted to become productive we should learn how to use the software properly. We tried the online tutorials but there was just too much information to understand on our own. It soon became very evident to us that we needed help. The MISys system was the perfect software for our manufacturing operations however we had no idea how to implement all of the features it had to offer, in order to make ourselves productive. We were put into contact with Central Nervous Systems. Paul and Sean connected with us on a conference call and without even meeting face to face we knew that these guys were going to be able to take us to where we wanted to be. They take training to another level. Every session was productive and we learned step by step how to implement all of the MISys tools that we had previously ignored due to ignorance. Though every training session was remote, we came away more and more confident that we could make this system work for us. Never once did we have to track them down for assistance. Every call was answered and every question had a solution. There was a time change that needed to be dealt with since we are in different provinces, but that did not affect us at all. Paul and Sean moved their schedules to very early mornings to accommodate us. We can’t say enough about how great they are to work with. One on one sessions were held with every employee involved in our operations. They are the MISys wizards that’s for sure! We are so glad we were put in contact with them. We have a ways to go yet before our system is completely utilized but we are confident that with their help we will make it happen soon!

 by Cindy Isert, Vice President of Operation — Automated Tank Manufacturing, Inc.
Highly recommend

Having gone through 2 other major accounting/inventory programs that did not work and cost us a small fortune to buy and implement I went to Sage 50 and MISys. I had used Sage 50 in all of my other jobs and knew that it worked but I was leery about a “add on” product. We have been using MISys for over 2 years now and I have been very happy with the way it handles our inventory. Our accountants are also happy. The staff at Central nervous systems then transferred our inventory, bill of materials into MISys and then trained us to get the most out of MISys. They also created custom forms for our needs and to this day are very accommodating to make changes. Our phone calls or emails are returned that day and they have NEVER not found us an answer to our questions. The staff are a dream to deal with and I would highly recommend them.

 by Frank Bath, Operations — Adrenalin Marine, Inc.
The Right Choice

When the boss tasked me with looking into an MRP system for our company it seemed like an insurmountable task. No one in the company had used MRP software before, including me, and there seemed to be no end of choices available. It soon became apparent to me that all of the software did, more or less, the same thing. There were trade-offs of course, some were better at some things, but were worse at others, or it did everything very well, but the cost was prohibitively high.

Two main things sold me on MISys as the MRP software for Adrenalin Marine. First, the reseller was local. I knew that we were going to need on site help to get us up and running. I did not want to have to fly off somewhere to get training, using examples that may or may not have applied to our business directly. Or to possibly be in a class with people from a completely different business, who faced completely different needs from the software. I wanted to deal with the issues that were facing our company, and learn how to use MISys to overcome those specific problems.

The second thing that sold me on MISys was meeting the local re-sellers for the first time. I’m talking about the great people from Central Nervous Systems. Paul and Sean came out to visit us and tour the shop to see firsthand what it was we did and where we needed help. Both of them struck me right away as being knowledgeable about the manufacturing industry through the questions they asked us as they got a feel for our business. To be quite honest, my first impression of them was, I liked them. These were people I wanted to deal with in the long term. I am pleased to say I was right in that first impression.

Today, four years after implementing MISys, I’m happy to say that I made the right choice in going with Central Nervous Systems. They have always been there for us when we needed them, whether it was coming into the office or helping us over the phone. The people with whom Paul and Sean are surrounded are of the same high caliber as themselves. They have done a masterful job in selecting the perfect people to complement their style and work ethic, and it shows every time I have any dealing with Central Nervous Systems. I am very glad we partnered with them in our implementation of MISys.

 by Tom Spies, Vice President and General Manager — NEMO Building Systems

Huge kudos to the Central Nervous Systems team for the work they did in creating reports that are critical in the operation of our business. The MO Margin Report gives us immediate information on profitability by MO, and the Trending Labor Report shows us our trends and the improvements in labor consumed by individual work center.

Not to mention, our team on the shop floor loves the capability, the accuracy and the speed of the bar code labor scanning system that Central Nervous Systems developed.

I have run large manufacturing organizations, using Oracle, SAP, Epicor and JD Edwards. None of these systems or their implementation partners were able to produce the custom reporting I needed as quickly or inexpensively as I have experienced with MISys and Central Nervous Systems. Thanks guys.