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The MISys Guy
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 by Sean Wallace
Absolutely Essential to Our Success

Steve is absolutely essential to our success with MISys.

We got the software installed and setup without any issues. The initial setup was all very straight forward. But we really struggled with figuring out how to actually *use* MISys in our business on a daily basis. After struggling on our own for a while, I knew we were going to need outside help.

Steve was exactly the right medicine for us. He carefully listened to how our business operates and then patiently walked us through all of the MISys features that are useful to a business like ours. By the end of our training, Steve had converted one of my employees from a MISys skeptic to a MISys evangelist.

We plan on leaning on Steve more in the future as we iterate and improve our processes.

 by Gisele Caisse
Financial Controller

Steve did a fabulous job working with our manufacturing and accounting team helping us to understand the work flow from the very first step of generating a Sales Order to shipping the final product out the door. Our team found his explanations easy to follow and examples relevant. His patience allowed us to document and retain the knowledge he shared with us! Great experience and highly recommended.

 by Wyatt Lynes
Bringing Clarity to a powerful program

Steve does a great job in understanding how the company operates and the product which it manufactures. He then uses his experience to ensure that MiSys is set up in the best way possible and helps overcome the roadblocks as they come up. No implementation is exactly fun, but Steve will help guide you through the process and make it smoother overall.

 by Juan Moya
MISys Training

It was a pleasure working with Steven. He is very knowledgeable not only with MISys but also in Supply Chain best practices.

 by Ryan Leonard
Misys Training

For years our company has used MISys but not at all to its full capabilities. Steve was extremely knowledgeable and made learning the software easy. Thanks to Steve we are on our way to using MISys to its fullest potential. Working with him was a pleasure.

 by Susan Majcher
Exactly The Help We Needed

We had done a lot of set up work with our coach but reached a point where we really needed an expert set of eyes to examine our procedures first hand and translate them into best practices in MISys. Steve was the perfect person for this. His experience working with other companies helped us resolve our issues, and his thorough explanations made it easy for us to understand the MISys workflow, even with our limited experience with the program. Looking forward to working with him in the future as we move towards implementation and utilizing his experience to help our company make the best use of all Misys has to offer.

 by Eric harmony
Traveling Warrior-Steve "The MISys Guy"

Steve Rosenthal, “The MISys Guy” has been working with us for the better half of a year. From initial discovery to development, training and customization. As a Medical Device company with years of legacy data that was not easy to access, Steve has guided us through it. The challenges of keeping in regulation compliance and familiarity of the present operating system with current staff present challenges. Steve has helped navigate those challenges as well as “push” the system to be able to create a better manufacturing platform for our company. I would suggest anyone spend time with him as early in the stages of building or choosing MISys. The staff at MISys is extremely helpful as well but Steve gives a perspective based upon years of experience and many companies, he has helped. This perspective is a invaluable resource! His training and patience during challenges is a real world approach to help anyone better understand how, what and why MISys can be used successfully.

 by SM
MISys Training

Steve was very detailed and knowledgeable about the entire MISys process. He helped me and our team to implement MRP process. I definitely recommend Steve for any training regarding MISys.

 by Louie Torres
Awesome Job MISys Guy

Steve is awesome and knows his stuff with Misys and manufacturing. He made learning the software a breeze and training was excellent! Looking forward to working with him again to implement and go live with Misys this year for my company! We Highly recommend him for your Misys needs!

 by Dave Oswald
MIsys Guy - Great Job

Steve was great. We needed help to begin utilizing the optimization of MIsys and Steve was extremely adaptable in helping us with what we were looking for. He let us ask on exactly what we were looking for and was able to point us in the right direction for everything. He is a wealth of knowledge and a great guy. highly recommended!

 by Evan Jones

Both Steve and Cheri were wonderful partners to address our questions and concerns regarding MISys and Quickbooks. They were kind, courteous, and gave thorough, thoughtful explanations of how the two programs interacted. They were both extremely helpful and we would absolutely call them back in a heartbeat if we needed additional help.

 by Dan Reilly
Dropped everything for us

Steve took our last call minute on an inventory reset that was not going smoothly and spent 7 hours walking us through it on the phone, and agreed to fly out the next day to help us over the next week. His knowledge of the software and manufacturing was amazing. I would strongly suggest you contact Steve for issues around MiSys. He will save the day!

 by Evan Oakes
Well worth the investment

We recently purchased MISys and had Steve Rosendahl recommended to us. We had Steve here a month prior to purchasing the software and he gave us an overview of MISys and shared his thoughts on it's compatibility with our company. Once the software was purchased he had a hole in his schedule and came right in and spent 3 days with our team. He IS the MISys guy! He knows MISys inside and out, and was able to explain stuff in great detail. He made sure members of our team sat at the computer and walked them through MISys instead of him doing all the work and us watching. He is a very personable and likeable guy and easy to work with. He wants to know how your company functions to make the best use of MISys. I am so thankful we brought him in from the beginning and we will be bringing him back in the future to help us "go live" and to help us with problems we'll run into along the way. It is an investment hiring an outside contractor, but the return outweighs the cost! Hire him now, so you won't regret it later!

 by Ron Miles

We had to have our company server replaced which required migration of our SAGE and Misys from the old server to the new one. Steve was extremely helpful and made sure the project went off without a hitch. The whole process was very quick due to his due diligence before the migration as well as his involvement during the whole process.

 by Joshua
Solid MISYS experience

Steve helped bring us up to speed with best practice methods of using MISYS within our organization. His knowledge of MISYS is deep and, given his years of experience in manufacturing, he was able to zero in and elucidate many processes specific to our operation.
Very affable, very available, very knowledgeable

Thanks Steve!

 by Tracy Weatherfield Director of Operations
MISys Guy

Just a quick shout to Steve Rosendahl "the Misys Guy". We had Steve out recently to help us with some integration challenges.While Misys does a good job teaching and training how their product works, the Misys Guy goes a step further and helps you with best practices and integration solutions for your specific requirements. He does it with a calm demeanor and communicates effectively to everyone involved. Money well spent and I highly recommend him for your MES challenges.

 by Eric W.
Very Helpful!

Hiring Steve was a great idea. We needed someone to come in and take a deep dive into how we setup MISYS. He was able to identify whether or not MISYS was working properly with our Quickbooks. He did find some problems that we were able to fix. He was also able to get our WorthData scanner working which helped our productivity. We will be utilizing him again for other implementations in the future.

 by Tiffany Houser
MISys Guy

Steve is clearly experienced and he helped make complicated and abstract concepts easy to understand for our team. His real-world experience was refreshing and we felt like we had a "head start" because we were able to work with him during our implementation.

 by Robert Roecklein

Steve was very helpful in providing knowledge and training on how to bring our MISYS use to the next level. His knowledge base expands beyond MISYS and he trained us on how to best marry other software with it. Any problems we hit along the way were promptly addressed and fixed by Steve that we would not have been able to fix without him.

 by Jeff Braun
MISys Guy

We began using MISys about 4 years ago with integration to Sage 50. With company growth came some unique process challenges. While researching, I found Steve the MISys Guy and began looking into some of the MISys Add-Ons he has done and liked what we found. We are now in the process of implementing an enhanced scheduling shop floor system that helps track direct labor time and integrates with MISys Manufacturing. Steve's knowledge of MISys and ability to create processes that work not only through a PC, but also through phones or tablets, was a huge help. Our shop floor workers now all use a tablet to view their work schedule, punch in and out of each task and enter a completion quantity. While some shop floor employee's are not computer savvy people, Steve made this simple and easy enough for anyone to use. We are in process of testing this new process and will be implementing it soon. It has been working very well. Steve has been great to work with and very responsive to issues.

 by Thomas Collins
MISys Guy

Taking the time to compliment Steve as he has been working with us to improve our use of MISys - Steve is deeply knowledgeable of the working of MISys and is extremely helpful assisting us as we are improving our business processes. His style is easy to work with. Also, Cheri Oberpriller has been invaluable in helping us on the Quickbook - MISys interface and understanding the relationship between the two systems. Thanks to Steve and Cheri for their assistance in our MISys journey.

 by Ryan Pellerite
MISys Implementation Review for Steve Rosendahl

I cannot emphasize enough the importance Steve Rosendahl, The MISys Guy, played in implementing MISys for our company. For years we operated using our existing systems which we were rapidly outgrowing. MISys showed promise in expanding our capacity; but had we attempted to launch the system on our own, using only the online resources and help files, then we would have drastically exceeded an already tight timetable. Steve gave us direction and put our project on track. He came to our company and was earnest in taking the time to learn about our business and our goals. Steve was attentive as we discussed the work flow of our company and quickly understood what we desired to be accomplished. His vast experience as an implementation partner was evident as we devised ways that MISys could be utilized to best suit our needs. With Steve's help, a plan of action was soon drafted and it outlined our milestones so that all essential criteria could be met by our set launch date. It became apparent that much of our data that was in need of an overhaul before it could be migrated over to MISys, but Steve's programming and database knowledge was more than enough to keep us on schedule. We're now just shy of our first year anniversary to launching MISys and are pleased with the efficiency gains we've seen. I could not be more thankful to, or recommend more highly, The MISys Guy.

 by Father Dominic
MISys Implementation Review for Steve Rosendahl

A couple of years ago we chose MISys as the manufacturing module to work with Sage Accounting, and that is how we came to meet Steve. He helped by first understanding how our company worked and what particular concerns we were hoping MISys could solve for us. He got the picture fast, and not only helped us with the changeover, but when he saw that MISys couldn't do all that we were hoping for, he wrote a program to address the problem and submitted it to MISys, who adopted it and incorporated it in a revision of their program. Whenever we had questions, Steve was readily available and extremely patient in working with us, giving us further training, and always taking a personal interest in us--that makes for a quality relationship. It makes all the difference when someone like Steve shows up on site and really listens to what you are trying to accomplish, and then uses his past business acumen as well as computer/programming expertise to move the whole picture forward. Knowledgeable and personable made him a great partner, and when it was time for a major upgrade, he was right here to get us through the process. We highly recommend him as a great resource person who couldn't be more responsive when you need him.

 by Pinnacle Plastic Products
The MISys Guy

Our company looked at many different inventory tracking software packages before deciding on MISys. In addition to the online tutorials that MISys offered and the technical support available by phone, we were extremely glad to see that there were independent consultants who were available to come to our sight and assist with the implementation of the software. The coach MISys assigned to us did a wonderful job of getting us up and running in the short amount of time we'd given them. However, having The MISys guy come to our facility, seeing our processes and procedures and then working individually with all parties who worked with MISys was what really allowed our company to start working productively with the software. The MISys Guy has us operating efficiently with the software, using reports that fit our needs and using the software in a streamlined manor. They are well worth the cost charged to bring them in-house. No matter how much you study and read about new software you simply can't have the working knowledge of somebody who has made their living at it for years.

 by Jonathan Hayes
MISYS Implementation Review for Steve Rosendahl

Our implementation of MISYS was challenging because of an existing system that was inadequate but had been in place for so long that many processes were broken up by utilizing multiple software and tools. This required someone with a great deal of understanding when it comes to the many different ways a company may work. In our case we are consolidating a number of systems into MISYS. This led to many a discussion as to how to handle our work flow and how to use MISYS to accommodate our needs. Steve has shown an incredible ability to use his past knowledge based on his experience to show us numerous solutions and give us an opportunity to make it work as closely as possible to what our workers are comfortable with. Another benefit that I see in the future is the wealth of knowledge Steve has with interfacing with MISYS with other software. His knowledge of both the accounting and manufacturing side is indispensable. It's inspiring to watch Steve as he uses his programming and database skills to simply and effectively solve customer problems.

 by Brooke

He has helped with a lot of various stuff, from helping to show us how to use MISys, to writing different reports for us that MISys didn't have.
He is going to start us with a bar coding system soon, and therefore MISys will be more automated - making less room for mistakes. It sounds like a great program and that other clients have been satisfied.
He does a good job, and follows through.
Always available and willing to take a phone call or email to answer any questions you may have.
Would highly recommend based on all the help that he has provided us.

 by Chuck Valentine
Implementation consulting, as important as the software

I have no qualms about providing a very high recommendation for Steve Rosendahl as a consultant should you be considering an implementation of a MISys system software installation.

From the onset Steve was very attentive and open to learning how we were running our business while offering advice and suggestions as to how best to move to MISys in a controlled and logical manner. A refreshing change seeing that some other consultants tend to be tunnel visioned into how they think you should do things. Steve listens.

Steve is also extremely knowledgeable as to the inner workings of MISys which comes in handy when trying to accommodate your specific needs with the software. If Steve doesn't have an answer to your question he admits he doesn't but quickly contacts those within the MISys software group and gets you the right answer in short order.

In short, Steve Rosendahl is a very MISys savvy, patient & conscientious consultant that I would highly recommend if you need help with your MISys implementation. Two Thumbs Up !!

Chuck Valentine
Valentine Tool & Stamping, Inc.