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The MISys Guy
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by Dan Reilly on The MISys Guy
Dropped everything for us

Steve took our last call minute on an inventory reset that was not going smoothly and spent 7 hours walking us through it on the phone, and agreed to fly out the next day to help us over the next week. His knowledge of the software and manufacturing was amazing. I would strongly suggest you contact Steve for issues around MiSys. He will save the day!

by Evan Oakes on The MISys Guy
Well worth the investment

We recently purchased MISys and had Steve Rosendahl recommended to us. We had Steve here a month prior to purchasing the software and he gave us an overview of MISys and shared his thoughts on it's compatibility with our company. Once the software was purchased he had a hole in his schedule and came right in and spent 3 days with our team. He IS the MISys guy! He knows MISys inside and out, and was able to explain stuff in great detail. He made sure members of our team sat at the computer and walked them through MISys instead of him doing all the work and us watching. He is a very personable and likeable guy and easy to work with. He wants to know how your company functions to make the best use of MISys. I am so thankful we brought him in from the beginning and we will be bringing him back in the future to help us "go live" and to help us with problems we'll run into along the way. It is an investment hiring an outside contractor, but the return outweighs the cost! Hire him now, so you won't regret it later!

by Ron Miles on The MISys Guy

We had to have our company server replaced which required migration of our SAGE and Misys from the old server to the new one. Steve was extremely helpful and made sure the project went off without a hitch. The whole process was very quick due to his due diligence before the migration as well as his involvement during the whole process.

by Joshua on The MISys Guy
Solid MISYS experience

Steve helped bring us up to speed with best practice methods of using MISYS within our organization. His knowledge of MISYS is deep and, given his years of experience in manufacturing, he was able to zero in and elucidate many processes specific to our operation.
Very affable, very available, very knowledgeable

Thanks Steve!

by Tracy Weatherfield Director of Operations on The MISys Guy
MISys Guy

Just a quick shout to Steve Rosendahl "the Misys Guy". We had Steve out recently to help us with some integration challenges.While Misys does a good job teaching and training how their product works, the Misys Guy goes a step further and helps you with best practices and integration solutions for your specific requirements. He does it with a calm demeanor and communicates effectively to everyone involved. Money well spent and I highly recommend him for your MES challenges.

by Eric W. on The MISys Guy
Very Helpful!

Hiring Steve was a great idea. We needed someone to come in and take a deep dive into how we setup MISYS. He was able to identify whether or not MISYS was working properly with our Quickbooks. He did find some problems that we were able to fix. He was also able to get our WorthData scanner working which helped our productivity. We will be utilizing him again for other implementations in the future.

by Tiffany Houser on The MISys Guy
MISys Guy

Steve is clearly experienced and he helped make complicated and abstract concepts easy to understand for our team. His real-world experience was refreshing and we felt like we had a "head start" because we were able to work with him during our implementation.

by Robert Roecklein on The MISys Guy

Steve was very helpful in providing knowledge and training on how to bring our MISYS use to the next level. His knowledge base expands beyond MISYS and he trained us on how to best marry other software with it. Any problems we hit along the way were promptly addressed and fixed by Steve that we would not have been able to fix without him.

by Jeff Braun on The MISys Guy
MISys Guy

We began using MISys about 4 years ago with integration to Sage 50. With company growth came some unique process challenges. While researching, I found Steve the MISys Guy and began looking into some of the MISys Add-Ons he has done and liked what we found. We are now in the process of implementing an enhanced scheduling shop floor system that helps track direct labor time and integrates with MISys Manufacturing. Steve's knowledge of MISys and ability to create processes that work not only through a PC, but also through phones or tablets, was a huge help. Our shop floor workers now all use a tablet to view their work schedule, punch in and out of each task and enter a completion quantity. While some shop floor employee's are not computer savvy people, Steve made this simple and easy enough for anyone to use. We are in process of testing this new process and will be implementing it soon. It has been working very well. Steve has been great to work with and very responsive to issues.

by Thomas Collins on The MISys Guy
MISys Guy

Taking the time to compliment Steve as he has been working with us to improve our use of MISys - Steve is deeply knowledgeable of the working of MISys and is extremely helpful assisting us as we are improving our business processes. His style is easy to work with. Also, Cheri Oberpriller has been invaluable in helping us on the Quickbook - MISys interface and understanding the relationship between the two systems. Thanks to Steve and Cheri for their assistance in our MISys journey.

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