Job Shop Software: Mind the shop or manage the business? You gotta do both.

Most job shop software focuses on only basic job tracking and costing, while tools for proper inventory control and accounting are an afterthought. With MISys Manufacturing you get the best of everything. It has the power to handle complex products and projects, is easy to use and will enhance (not replace or diminish) the accounting system you already know and trust.

MISys Manufacturing works cooperatively with your existing accounting system right out of the box. It doesn’t rely on periodic syncs or back-end data dumps that make your trusted accounting system redundant.

  • Most job shop software has a  limited, built-in accounting system that takes over all accounting and then syncs it to a full accounting system.
  • MISys integrates directly with your full accounting system instead, eliminating the middle step.
  • You can add the job shop manufacturing tools you need and keep using the accounting tools you know and trust.

MISys Manufacturing for Job Shops - Watch the video

Inventory control is a primary focus.

  • Always know what you have, what it cost, where it’s being used, and when you’ll need more.
  • Get the material traceability robust enough to meet the demands of the medical and aerospace/defense industries.
  • Manage  Bills of Material, with full revision control and support for unlimited items and sub-assemblies per BOM with up to 16 levels of indentation.
  • Plan your material purchases  by-the-job and across all jobs,  ensuring that you always have what you need, when you need it.

Easy to use and deploy.

  • Inventory and track only the items you want.
  • Customize and track changes on jobs throughout the process.
  • Import existing data automatically from your accounting system.
  • Get unlimited access to training and support.
  • Get expert, 1-on-1 help from a MISys SureStart implementation coach.

Integrates seamlessly with the most popular accounting software.