MISys Manufacturing software offers all the functionality a small to medium-sized Sage 50 Canadian Edition manufacturing firm needs today.

When "good enough" isn't good enough, you need better. MISys Manufacturing software transforms Sage 50 - Simply Accounting into an Industrial-Strength Manufacturing System.

Here are the top 10 reasons why manufacturers add MISys Manufacturing software:

  • Track inventory in work-in-process. Other systems will help track your inventory. MISys is designed to help control your inventory. Our customers enjoy a typical savings of 25-50% in inventory and associated carrying costs (like insurance, floor space, physical management, etc.) because MISys has the ability to:
    - Forecast inventory based on history, lead times, vendor performance.
    - Maintain accurate minimum order levels for "just in case" scenarios.
    - Let the system order only what you need, when you need it.
  • Link multiple suppliers to a single inventory item
  • Track serialized components
  • Explode multi-level bills of material
  • Track BOM revisions
  • Track job costs for manufacturing jobs
  • Use Standard Costing for inventory
  • Schedule production effectively to meet customer deadlines
  • Schedule purchasing to buy only what is needed, WHEN it is needed.
  • Track production on the shop floor.

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How Does it Work?

Use Simply to manage the "front of the house", everything that is customer-facing: customer records, sales orders, sales inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, etc. Use MISys Manufacturing software to manage the "back of the house," everything related to manufacturing: bills of material, raw material inventory, production scheduling, purchasing, etc. MISys maintains a subledger of all of the manufacturing costs and syncs with Simply. The transactions are fully auditable and are done automatically - no double data entry is required.

MISys Manufacturing software is a modular system. Start with the Basic Manufacturing Module and add functionality when you need it:

  • Basic Manufacturing This is the comprehensive building block for the modular MISys Manufacturing system. It enables effective management of inventory levels, facilitates the control of raw materials and work-in-progress (WIP), supports multi-level bills of material, facilitates revision of bills of material (BOMs), allows for accurate physical inventory cycle counting, and streamlines the processing of production work orders.
  • Advanced Purchasing - Seamlessly analyze material shortages and automate the creation of purchase orders to replenish inventory, ensuring you never run out of crucial materials.
  • Advanced Production - Predict the cost of every job and track performance as manufacturing orders progress through your shop. From standard assemblies to unique one-off items, stay in control and maintain profitability.
  • Material Requirements Planning - Gain valuable insights into your purchasing and production needs by analyzing current inventory, open orders, and sales orders. Identify potential shortages and respond swiftly by creating purchase and production orders.
  • Shop Floor Control - Accurately predict production costs by factoring in estimated material, labor, and overhead expenses. Analyze actual production costs to optimize your operations further.
  • Serial/Lot Tracking - Ensure compliance with strict regulatory agency requirements, such as FDA and FAA, by meticulously tracking serial or lot numbers throughout the entire purchasing and production process.
  • Bin Tracking - Maintain complete visibility over your inventory with unique sub-locations for each item or assembly. Efficiently manage raw materials, sub-assemblies, and finished goods within specific containers.
  • Labor Tracking - Monitor the elapsed time that production workers spend on selected jobs and manufacturing orders. Automate the posting of labor data to manufacturing orders, improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Bar Coding - Streamline your inventory control functions by seamlessly printing and collecting barcoded data. Enhance accuracy and eliminate manual errors.
  • Mobile Alerts - Stay informed with critical alerts sent directly to smartphones or any mobile device capable of receiving wireless email messages. Keep your team connected and responsive.
  • MISys Manufacturing EXT - Access real-time MISys transactions using a mobile web-based interface. This versatile solution works flawlessly on tablets, smartphones, and other web-enabled devices, empowering you with mobility and convenience.

Built-in Power and Scalability

For maximum performance and scalability, MISys Manufacturing is built on the Microsoft SQL database engine, a 5-user version of which is included in the purchase price. For larger firms, MISys Manufacturing supports hundreds of concurrent users on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and other ANSI-compliant SQL databases.