FAQs Sage 50 CA

What versions of Sage 50 Canadian Edition (Sage 50 CA) is MISys Manufacturing compatible with?

MISys Manufacturing 6.4 is compatible with Sage 50 CA (formerly Sage Simply Accounting) Premium, Enterprise or Accountants Edition.

MISys Manufacturing 6.4 officially supports the existing version as well as one version prior of Sage 50 CA. For current information, please refer to MISys Manufacturing Supported Accounting Packages (PDF).

How does MISys Manufacturing integrate with Sage 50 CA?

MISys Manufacturing uses the Sage 50 CA SDK/API provide by Sage for direct interaction between the two products.

Does Sage 50 CA have to be on the same computer that MISys Manufacturing is installed and running on?

A copy of Sage 50 CA must be installed and have a valid license on the same computer that any MISys Manufacturing client being used to perform Sage 50 CA integration operations is installed on and running from. Sage 50 CA does not have to be installed on the MISys Manufacturing Server computer unless the Client and Server are on the same PC.

Does MISys Manufacturing consume additional Sage 50 CA user licenses?

The MISys Manufacturing interface to Sage 50 CA requires a user license for the Sage 50 CA company database being used. You must specify a user name and password in the Sage 50 CA Integration setup screen in Company Options.

How do you set up MISys Manufacturing and Sage 50 CA so the integration works and changes are visible while both Products are running on the same PC?

The Sage 50 CA Company and user should be configured in Sage 50 CA with the following settings in order for data to be auto updated in Sage 50 CA if run concurrently with MISys Manufacturing:

  1. You must run Sage 50 CA in multi-user mode.
  2. The Sage 50 CA Administrator needs to enable 3rd Party Product read/write access in Setup Users
  3. Make sure ‘Automatically refresh lists’ is checked in User Preferences Options section
  4. Need to enable Orders for Customers in the Settings Features section for Sales Orders to be visible
  5. Make sure session date is correct every time logging into Sage 50 CA

How do General Ledger Accounts map between MISys Manufacturing and Sage 50 CA?

In order for Sales Transfers and Period End to keep proper accounting in Sage 50 CA, all MISys Manufacturing GL Accounts referenced in any MISys Manufacturing Account Set must exist in Sage 50 CA (they must have exactly the same name and number). The default set of GL Accounts that MISys Manufacturing creates with any new company database are designed to be compatible with Sage 50 CA – they either correspond to standard Sage 50 CA GL Accounts or are non-interfering (aren’t normally created by Sage 50 CA). MISys Manufacturing provides a facility to check and automatically create any needed GL Accounts in Sage 50 CA. Note that all amounts set in ledger transactions from MISys Manufacturing to Sage 50 CA are in home currency.

How do Sage 50 CA Inventory Items map to MISys Manufacturing Inventory Items?

MISys Manufacturing Inventory Items (referred to as Mfg Inventory items), including both parts and assembled items, can be mapped to Sage 50 CA Inventory Items (referred to as Sales Inventory Items). The item names do not have to have the same name. MISys Manufacturing can create this mapping by either Importing one or more Sage 50 CA Items into MISys Manufacturing, exporting one or more MISys Manufacturing Items into Sage 50 CA, or by mapping MISys Manufacturing Items to existing Sage 50 CA items. For importing and exporting, MISys Manufacturing requires the user to select a template item (in Sage 50 CA for exporting or in MISys Manufacturing for importing) which facilitates setting standard item properties such as reorder levels, accounts to use, etc. when new items are created.

How do I transfer finished manufactured items from MISys Manufacturing to Sage 50 CA?

There are several facilities within MISys Manufacturing that allow automated transfer of completed manufactured items to the Sage 50 CA Sales Inventory. You can use MISys Manufacturing’s ‘Replenish Sales Inventory’ function to automatically detect shortages in Sage 50 CA based on either Sage 50 CA ‘Reorder’ or ‘Bring to Zero’ (if Sage 50 CA on hand is negative) levels for one or more items and transfer them from MISys Manufacturing to Sage 50 CA. You can also use MISys Manufacturing Direct Stock Sales Transfers to transfer user specified quantities of a MISys Manufacturing Mfg Inventory Item (including part types or assembled types) to Sage 50 CA Sales Inventory. A third way is to use the ‘Transfer to Sales’ function for a MISys Manufacturing Work Order to automatically transfer the Work Order’s completed assemblies.

All of the above transfers to Sage 50 CA work in the same way from an accounting perspective. They all create a single Inventory Adjustment transaction in Sage 50 CA to increase or decease the inventory levels in Sage 50 CA depending on if it’s a transfer to or from Sales. This transaction increases the asset accounts in Sage 50 CA for the corresponding Sage 50 CA sales items. The ‘Sales Transfer Control’ control account ends up with credit equal to total amount of bill.

Note you must specify the Sage 50 CA Sales Location for transfers to or from Sales, the Sales Location defaults automatically if Sage 50 CA only has a single location defined.

Note that the Inventory Adjustment used for the transfer sets the Item Cost in Sage 50 CA for the adjustment. Sage 50 CA will adjust its running costing (average, etc.) information based on its own rules for using the transaction item cost.

A subsequent Period End balances the accounts by debiting the ‘Sales Transfer Control’ control account.

Can I create MISys Manufacturing Work Orders from Sage 50 CA Sales Orders?

You can use MISys Manufacturing’s ‘Process Sales Orders’ facility to create linked MISys Manufacturing Production Work Orders automatically for any user specified range of Sales Order dates.

Can I transfer MISys Manufacturing Manufactured Items to Sage 50 CA based on Sage 50 CA On Order levels?

If you don’t need to link Sales Orders to Work Orders, or you just need to build to order without linking to a specific Sales order, you can use MISys Manufacturing’s ‘Replenish Sales Inventory’ function to automatically detect shortages in Sage 50 CA based on Sage 50 CA ‘On Order’ levels for one or more items.

How do I coordinate MISys Manufacturing Purchase Order transactions (e.g. item receipts) with invoicing in Sage 50 CA?

To facilitate common vendor/supplier information, MISys Manufacturing can import Vendors from Sage 50 CA as MISys Manufacturing suppliers.

When you do a PO item receipt in MISys Manufacturing, MISys Manufacturing creates Period End sub-ledger records that refer to the PO Number and Supplier name to facilitate coordination with invoices entered in Sage 50 CA. Specifically, the MISys Manufacturing a sub-ledger entry for a PO receipt charges the associated cost for the item on the PO and the variance to the standard cost in general- ledger accounts as determined in the interface configuration. Received items costs are tallied in the ‘PO Liability’ control account, which by default is set to Account No. 2016 ‘Mfg PO Liability’. The price variance is tallied in the ‘Purchase Price Variance’ control account, which by default is set to Account No. 5416 ‘Mfg Purchase Price Variance’. The sum of these debits are offset by a credit to the ‘PO Receipt’ control account, which is by default set to Account No. 2014 ‘Mfg Accounts Payable’. Any of these control accounts can be set to a different account depending on the style of use in Sage 50 CA.

MISys Manufacturing also provides the capability to Invoice against a PO Receipt. When you perform a PO Invoice operation in MISys Manufacturing, a Purchase Inventory Receipt is automatically created in Sage 50 CA with the payee set to the correct Vendor for the PO. Expense lines are used, rather than Inventory Item lines, since the Item No. on the Purchase Order need not exist in the Sage 50 CA Sales Inventory. If the MISys Manufacturing Supplier does not exist in Sage 50 CA, you can set MISys Manufacturing to automatically create a corresponding Vendor in Sage 50 CA before the Purchase Inventory Receipt is created. MISys Manufacturing credits the standard Accounts Payable account in Sage 50 CA for the Bill which is offset by a debit to the ‘PO Receipt’ control account. MISys Manufacturing also allows adding a reference on the Purchase Inventory Receipt created for an Invoice; it can be set to refer either to the PO No. in MISys Manufacturing or the actual Invoice No.

Note that after performing both a PO Invoice and then a Period End, the ‘PO Receipt’ account will have been zeroed.

Can I track manufacturing activities by Jobs in Sage 50 CA?

Yes. When a user performs a Period End in MISys Manufacturing, and has ledger entries that refer to MISys Manufacturing jobs, MISys Manufacturing automatically creates an associated Sage 50 CA Project for each MISys Manufacturing Job and references that Project in the sub-ledger entry MISys Manufacturing creates in Sage 50 CA. Note, the Projects feature must be enabled in Sage 50 CA Settings to see them.

Can I coordinate Serial/Lot Tracking information with Sage 50 CA?

The current MISys Manufacturing to Sage 50 CA integration does not have specific functionality designed to transfer serial/lot tracking information for Items to Sage 50 CA. Serial and Lot tracking data is, however, tracked in MISys Manufacturing if enabled.