Company Name: BMI International
Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer
Location: Florida
# Locations: 1
Software Systems: QuickBooks and MISys Manufacturing

Challenge: BMI International is a Florida-based manufacturer of prefabricated rehabilitative orthotics. Originally, BMI International relied on QuickBooks Enterprise to manage their inventory but found that QuickBooks was not sophisticated enough to keep up with their manufacturing processes. Inventory miscalculations were causing delays in production and operations manager, Reb Sauls, recognized the need for a more powerful system that would help them manage the orthotics inventory more effectively.

bmi-intenrationalSolution: In 2010, a representative of QuickBooks suggested that Sauls augment BMI International’s QuickBooks Enterprise software with MISys Manufacturing. Sauls found that MISys integrated easily with the QuickBooks system and provided additional reports that he could use to monitor his inventory daily.

“MISys is a very sophisticated product. The reports have saved me over and over. I never run out of supplies so I never lose time or money due to inventory miscalculations. MISys provides the information and reports I need to help me schedule ahead for production.” --Reb Sauls, Operations Manager

MISys stock status reports enables Sauls to determine when inventory has reached minimum levels and prompt him to reorder materials when inventory is low. This helps him develop an efficient and reliable production schedule.


  1. Keeps track of inventory levels for more accurate and timely reordering.
  2. Provides sophisticated support with material replenishment planning.
  3. Reduces inventory miscalculations to keep manufacturing on schedule.