MISys Manufacturing Integration with Intacct Accounting FAQ

How does MISys Manufacturing integrate with Intacct?

MISys Manufacturing uses the Intacct SDK/API provided by Intacct for direct interaction between the two products. You will need to purchase an Intacct Web Services license for the integration to work.

Will the on-premise version of MISys Manufacturing integrate with Intacct?

Yes. If you want to have MISys Manufacturing installed on hardware located in your facility, you have that option and it will not affect the integration with Intacct.

Is the hosted, cloud version of MISys Manufacturing different from the on-premise version?

No. The functionality of the software is exactly the same. The difference is that you will access MISys Manufacturing software using remote desktop software that is loaded on your computer.

Does MISys support Dimensions in Intacct?

Yes. MISys Manufacturing supports Project, Vendor, and Location dimensions. When an Intacct company is multi-entity, MISys Manufacturing will always add the Location dimension. Project and Vendor dimensions are included in posts to Intacct when appropriate (for example, period end and transfer to sales).

Does MISys support Multi-entity companies in Intacct?

Yes. MISys Manufacturing integrates with one single entity in a multi-entity company. If a multi-entity company has separate manufacturing operations within separate entities, another instance of MISys Manufacturing integrates with that separate entity without sharing any information between the entities.

Does MISys Manufacturing consume additional Intacct user licenses?

No. The MISys Manufacturing interface to Intacct requires a user license for the Intacct company database being used. You must specify a user name and password in the Intacct Integration setup screen in Company Options. You will need to purchase an Intacct Web Services license in order to integrate with MISys Manufacturing.

How do General Ledger Accounts map between MISys Manufacturing and Intacct?

In order for Sales Transfers and Period End to keep proper accounting in Intacct, all MISys Manufacturing GL Accounts referenced in any MISys Manufacturing Account Set must exist in Intacct (they must have exactly the same name and number).

The default set of GL Accounts that MISys Manufacturing creates with any new company database are designed to be compatible with Intacct – they either correspond to standard Intacct GL Accounts or are non-interfering (aren’t normally created by Intacct). MISys Manufacturing provides a facility to check and automatically create any needed GL Accounts in Intacct.

Does MISys Manufacturing support multi-currency integration with Intacct?

Yes. However, MISys Manufacturing cannot access the exchange rates that Intacct imports from a 3rd party, requiring a manual update to currency exchange rates in MISys Manufacturing.

Can I create a Sales Order in Intacct by converting a quote created in MISys Manufacturing using a Manufacturing Order?

No. MISys Manufacturing is not able to identify the necessary fields through the Intacct API/SDK to accurately transfer the information.

Can I create different due dates by line item on sales orders to affect the production and purchasing schedule?

No. Unfortunately, the due date on sales orders in Intacct are at the header level and not at the line item level, so the same date will apply to all items on the sales order.

Can I track manufacturing activities by Jobs in Intacct?

Yes. When a user performs a Period End in MISys Manufacturing, and has ledger entries that refer to MISys Manufacturing jobs, MISys Manufacturing automatically creates an associated Intacct Project for each MISys Manufacturing Job and references that Project in the sub-ledger entry MISys Manufacturing creates in Intacct.

Note, the Projects feature must be enabled in Intacct Settings to see them.

Do I need any custom documents defined in Intacct in order to integrate with MISys Manufacturing?

Yes. Your implementation specialist will create the necessary transaction definitions and custom fields required for integration with MISys Manufacturing.

Can I create MISys Inventory Transfer In and MISys Inventory Transfer Out transactions myself?

No. If you attempt to do this, Intacct will alert you and prevent you from doing so. This is to prevent Intacct from creating manufacturing transactions without having those transactions reflected in MISys Manufacturing.

Can I coordinate Serial/Lot Tracking information with Intacct?

Yes. MISys Manufacturing fully supports use of serial/lot tracking when integrated with Intacct. All Items transferred to or from Sales (Intacct) from any transaction in MISys Manufacturing (Direct Transfers, from Work Orders, from Manufacturing Orders, etc.) will cause a Serial or Lot number post in Intacct for each item transferred when they are assigned from MISys Manufacturing after the transfer has completed. Undoing the assignment in MISys Manufacturing will also cause a proper Serial/Lot posting in Intacct.

Lot numbers in Intacct are unique across all items. This means that if you have an item in lot number 1, you cannot have a lot number 1 for any other items. If you need to use lot numbers, we recommend that you include the item number in the lot number; this will ensure that your lot numbers are unique for each item and that the lot numbers are useful.

Also, due to the way Intacct tracks serial numbers, once you have transferred a serial tracked Item from MISys Manufacturing to Intacct, you will need to assign a new serial number if you have to transfer it again (after doing re-work, for example).

Does MISys Manufacturing support Row/Aisle/Bin tracking in Intacct?

No. At this time, MISys Manufacturing is unable to support Row/Aisle/Bin tracking.