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Why Woodstock?

Woodstock provides an opportunity to achieve a healthy balance between work, life and play.

The natural setting creates an intimate sense of place, with undeveloped rolling hills surrounding the narrow river valley. A 20 minute hike up Mt. Tom or Mt. Peg provides soothing and inspiring vistas of the valley, with Killington and Mt. Ascutney in the distance. The Ottauquechee River flows through the center of town, fed by smaller brooks and streams never far away.

lifeinwoodstockThe village is a vibrant place, with a mix of independently owned retail stores, restaurants and small inns. The Woodstock Inn is the anchor of the village, bringing tourists and conventions to it's 4 season resort, complete with a spa, golf course, tennis center, ski area and sports center.

A small town, it is possible to get a sense of all that is "going on" rather quickly. It brings with it a sense of security and peace of mind, to know that your neighbors are looking out for you and your family. At the same time, Woodstockers are New Englanders and respect your privacy.

There is a surprising depth to the cultural opportunities in Woodstock. The Pentangle Arts Council operates the Town Hall Theater and brings in regional and national artists to perform at outdoor and indoor venues. The Norman Williams Library has an active events calendar to augment it's collections in the beautiful, historic building. Dartmouth College is just 25 minutes down the road and offers a great variety of programs, classes, lectures and athletic events.

While you can get most everything you need for daily life in Woodstock, the convenience of big box stores, fast food restaurants, new car dealers and shopping malls are 25-30 miles away. If that is what makes you tick, then Woodstock probably is a little too rural for you.

But if you are looking for life on a human scale where you can achieve a real balance between nature, work, life and play, then Woodstock should be in your future.

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